Sixth Performer Injured in "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark"

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Another cast member of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was injured Wednesday, the first since the once accident-prone Broadway musical underwent a sweeping overhaul in April.

Newsday reports that Matthew James Thomas, who plays Peter Parker in the Wednesday and Saturday matinees, suffered a head injury backstage at the Foxwoods Theatre near the beginning of the second act. Production stopped for about 10 minutes as Thomas was taken to the hospital for stitches. Star Reeve Carney, who happened to be in the theater at the time of the mishap, stepped into the role for the rest of the performance.

Producers described Thomas’ injury as “minor,” and released a statement saying, “He is fine and will be back in the show for his next scheduled performance on Saturday.”

Thomas, who was named as Carney’s fill-in about a year ago, is the sixth performer to be injured in the $70-million musical. The most recent was Arachne actress T.V. Carpio, who was hurt March 16 during one of the show’s many fight scenes (she replaced Natalie Mendoza, who left after suffering a concussion during the problem-filled first preview). The worst, however, was aerialist Christopher Tierney, who fell about 30 feet in December, breaking four ribs and fracturing three vertebrae. He returned to rehearsals in April.

The latest injury comes just as original director Julie Taymor, who was forced out of Spider-Man in March after five delays and a barrage of scathing reviews, filed a lawsuit against the producers, demanding proper pay and credit.

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You would think they'd make some changes to the routines..

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Is the musical even that good? Like does it stack well compared to Wicked or The Book of Mormon? (best f*cking musical ever, btw)

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When this is going to stop?

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Geez, did the producers anger a dark wizard? This production is going to rack up more casualties than a land war by the time it officially opens.

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Well y'see someone in the production said 'MacBeth' which earns you bad luck in the theater. So there you have it.

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@Duchess said:

You would think they'd make some changes to the routines..

You really would!

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I stopped caring about TOTD after "Miss Swiss" came to be. I could even handle Gobvulture but that to me was the last draw. Now people are getting injured for this? Just stop, or at least get rid of Ms. Swiss before continuing so I can at least care.

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