Shades of Edge of Time

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So anybody think that the whole Superior Spider-Man is a build up to crossover with Spider-Man 2099 like in the Edge of Time game?

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Not really he doesn't need 2099's help...

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700 did retroactively make the evil CEO of Edge of Time make a lot more sense. Now when I go back and play that game I will see him as the result of 700 and it will make a ton more sense. May have to go play that game again. Still missing one of the memos in that game.

#5 Posted by Deranged Midget (18302 posts) - - Show Bio

Not at all really. I mean, time travel was not a part of Dying Wish in the slightest but it would've been cool to see Miguel show up and somehow save Peter's life!

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@HushoftheWind: The game is written by Peter David....clearly a better script than,no, i dont think so,but as Deranged Midget said,i'd love to see Miguel,save Peter's life too....i got to love the character through this game,cause i never read the comics,and in Shattered Dimensions,he was as irrelevant as the other 3....bad writing

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i dont know if you guys heard, im pretty sure, but Miguel is showing in Superior Spider-Man. I guess a lil bit of Edge of Time might happen

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