Scarlet v Superior

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its going to happen!!!

also reading interviews about SSM issue 14 nobody really states its otto they just mention "spiderman"
over and over anyone else think ottos days are numbered We know that there is so much that you can’t say, but what in general are you really excited about, coming up to the summer?

Dan Slott: In SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #14 there will be new allies, a new look, and an all-new agenda. What is Superior Spider-Man doing? Why is he doing that? We have never seen a Spider-Man in any continuity ever do that. Yeah. Everyone just suddenly got very shocked in #5 and when Chris Eliopoulos was lettering it his son walked into the room and saw the art and he just yelled out, “Spider-Man doesn’t do that!” Well, here’s something else in #14 that Spider-Man doesn’t do. And he’s doing it.

More on Looking even further down the line, the solicitation for SCARLET SPIDER #21 promises that "everything has changed for Kaine" following the events of Sibling Rivalry, and that he's about to cross paths with none other than Ben Reilly. What more can you say about what the end of this story means for SCARLET SPIDER going forward?

Christopher Yost: The last page of Sibling Rivalry really changes the game for Kaine. Something happens—I mean the entire series is based on the fact that this is a guy who has a second chance at life. Sometimes, second chances can be taken away. This is where SCARLET SPIDER has been building to for basically the entire series. You're going to see everything kind of implode. You think you've seen bad things in Kaine before? You haven't seen anything yet.

More on

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glad to hear im not the only one rooting for kaine to "kill" otto again

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SpOck needs to just end. Period.

But then....

I read Ben Reilly is returning, and I smiled.

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slott can redeem himself somewhat if these issues go a certain way

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I say Kaine cause i love,sir.

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Team Kaine ftw!!!!

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@theacidskull: we can only hope. on a side note, i never thought i would hate spider-man this much. not even after the devil deal did i hate him this much. oh slott.

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Let's go Kaine!

He's killed Octavius once before, when Otto was still Doctor Octopus. This time, since Kaine has more experience with spider powers, (Ock erased Peter's memories, so he shouldn't be able to use Peter's experience.) Ock shouldn't stand a chance. Kaine's going to kill him again and show us who the REAL superior spider-Man is, at least until Peter inevitably comes back. Hopefully when he does come back, the writer likes him and writes him and his supporting cast well. But I digress, Scarlet stomps "superior" not only in a fight, but it's also miles better in writing.

Also, cheers to Ben Reilly coming back, maybe it'll turn out that he really was the real Peter Parker all those years ago, and since a clone gave his marriage to the Devil it doesn't count!

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Superior will win....he's the "protagonist" now.....(sarcasm)

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Superior will win....he's the "protagonist" now.....(sarcasm)

Except the cross-over takes place in Scarlet Spider 21 and Superior Team-up 2. Both of which are written by Yost! You really think he's going to let the main character of his own on-going take a huge beating!? Nah given how Superior beat down Wolverine when Yost was writing I don't see why this should be a pretty well rounded fight considering Yost likes both these characters!

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@strider92: Then yes,i thought it will be on some Superior Spider-Man issue.....(i know....lazy to read,i know...)
i didnt like that Logan took a beating from Ock,cause i love Logan,but now i have hopes!!

Yost....TAKE down this a**hole, m'boy!!

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Superior Spidey will win. It's implied. He's better, it's in the title..

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@fenixrevolution: except this is in the superior teamup issue 2 and scarlet spider ,if it was superior main book kaine doesnt stand a chance,this is a even playing field

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@mrgreenlantern: Kaine still has no chance, he isn't Superior, he only got a color.

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