Raimi's Parker vs. Webb's Parker, which is the better Spiderman?

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Which portrayal of Parker is better? Webb's Parker is more likable and down to earth, but I feel Raimi's Parker stayed truer to the high school version of the character. While Webb's Parker embodies what a real teenager is like, Raimi's Parker captured the humble spirit of Parker, especially when it came to portraying his relationship with Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Webb's Parker's relationship to May and Ben, while seemingly realistic, felt disconnected to me. I could really feel and understand Raimi's Parkers relationship to May and Ben and through that relationship I could understand what made him a hero. With Webb's Parker, I never quite saw the hero in him. He tried to be a hero, but he never came across as being heroic. He did heroic things, but I didn't feel inspired by them. Perhaps because Webb's Parker came across as being bitter. . I felt Webb's Parker is more like the version of Parker during his college years and adult years. As he got older, Raimi's Spiderman came across as being too goofy. He failed to capture the maturity of the adult Parker, something that Webb's Parker already seems to succeeded in capturing.

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I don't know...

Raimi's Parker was good in that he was true to the Lee/Ditko Spider-Man. Very lighthearted. But I didn't like how he constantly felt sorry for himself, his lack of quips, and being just a little too campy.

Webb's Parker was great, in my opinion, as this is the perfect Parker for this particular generation, versus the more "old school" approach Raimi took. The only thing I didn't like about this one is that he came off as a douchebag, but you need that in the first movie, I feel. If a teenager today were to be Spider-Man, I think Webb did a fine job of conveying that in the movie. Once Peter totally realizes the whole "With great power comes great responsibility" thing, then we'll get a fine mix of Raimi's Spidey and Webb's Spidey.

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i like raimi's but i liked The Amazing spider-man

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Disliked Raimi's Peter.

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@xybernauts: what maturity? in the movie he was in highschool. tell me you were mature in highschool.

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Webb's Parker all the way.

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@KainScion I think you misunderstood what I said. I never said that Webb's Parker was supposed to be mature. Obviously the character was written in a way that was meant to reflect the drama teens go through. What I was talking about was Garfield's demeanor, his personality, and his basic presence. Even though he looks very young, Garfield came across as being very mature (obviously because he's 28 years old). So basically I'm saying he probably would make a better adult version of Peter Parker, then Maguire. Of course we don't know yet. I'm just basing this on his performance in this movie.

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I really liked webb's spider-man, the only thing that I thought was pushing a bit was the fact the he skated...they skating scene may have been my favourite scene... but I still found it a little unrealistic ..

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I liked Webb's Peter ...mostly because Garfield's performance,witch was spectacular.....what was nerdy then(2002) isnt nerdy now.....Webb created a lovable/dorky character, for 2012...! genious!!!!


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