Question about ASM #700

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I don't think it is available, but I figured it didn't hurt to ask. Has anybody seen this cover for ASM #700 for sale anywhere?

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Wow uh no actually where did you find it ?

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I don't believe there were any variants of that, who's the artist? They had, Coipel, Martin, Quesada, Ramos, romita, then the comic shop exclusives. There IS a version of that except it was Ock, 2nd printing Variant.

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Oh here. "This isn’t the actual cover of ASM #700. Joe Rubinstein penciled it and Javi Golf colored it. Check out his Deviant Art page, it’s an awesome piece" this would be it:

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I saw the Ock 2nd printing variant....didn't think too much of it. :) I think the cover I had the question about would have been an awesome variant though. Probably one of my favorite non-cover covers.

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