Predictions for the ending of Superior Spider-man #1

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With all the talk about the event that took place in 700, and it being the reason Dan Slott said he would go into hiding, and will not return until the release of Superior spider-man #1 (9th Jan 2013) due to its ending.

Any predictions on how the issue ends, that would make Dan Slott feel safe enough to come out of hiding.

My predictions would be these, please feel free to yours.

1 - He would make a mistake and someone catches on. e.g. Carlie Cooper, evidenced by the description of issue #3

2 - Peter is still around, but is in a state that he can't do much without help from allies.

3 - Someone was watching how things unfolded and has decided to get back in the picture to set things right. e.g. Silver Sable, we know according to Julia Carpenter is still alive and it is possible that she was in hiding watching everything.

4 - Julia Carpenter comes out of her coma and vows to set things right.

I would like to ask everyone to try to avoid adding spoilers in this topic, but if it is unavoidable, please use the spoiler tools provided to warn people before they start reading.

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This is a good thread, normally newbies don't make a good threads. This is good though.

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Ya, it's great!!! I like prediction #2 the best, I really hope that something like that will happen... By the way, Is Dan Slott literally in hiding?????

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@Earth616 said:

Ya, it's great!!! I like prediction #2 the best, I really hope that something like that will happen... By the way, Is Dan Slott literally in hiding?????

Well, he's been receiving death treats...

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Silver Sable's alive? When did this happen?

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Watch the world actually end tomorrow, and none of us ever find out what happens

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I think prediction 2 is the most likely to happen maybe not the first issue but by the end of the first story line. Maybe Peter is deep within Doc Ocks mind?

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You don't actually see her alive, but it's what Julia Carpenter says, back in issue #690, that tells us she is. Also if you add the fact that you never saw her body at the end of Ends of the Earth Arc epilogue in Avenging Spider-Man #8, it's usually a good indication of a character returning.

(didn't use spoiler block as the issue has been out a while)


This next image has already been released by Marvel as part of their preview pages(the reason for not using a spoiler block), it shows Silver Sable in what appears to be heaven, but I can say it's actually a dream state

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I predict all the haters' criticisms will be laid to rest and we will accept Superior Spider-man for what it is! Yeah right, who am I kidding--that'll never happen.

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I think that if further Superior Spider-man comics Pete's conscience or whatever will return to his body in some kind and will take over doc ock's. I mean killing ol' Pete permanently is a really bad idea...

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