Petitions to bring back Peter.

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#51 Posted by captain_oblivious (102 posts) - - Show Bio

Are people angry at the death of Parker or more at Slott's responses to people complaining? The story is still in the beginning phases and while some criticisms, I think, are valid it's pretty early to decry the storyline. There's been news of Nightcrawler coming back and with some characters appearing in SSM, it appears some storylines will advance faster. It looks like there are 3 storylines being worked on:

1- SpOck being an active rather than reactive superhero. Taking the fight to Shadowland and Hobgoblin according to solicits to start with.

2- Other heroes reactions to SpOck's 180 degree turn in personality and actions. Hopefully we'll have a more thorough exchange than the slapdash examination by the Avengers before.

3- Carli's investigation.

These look like storylines that will take at least a year to flush out. And at the end, we may see the return of Parker but I'm sure we won't see SpOck in the spidey outfit and we may have explanations for why people reacted the way they did to SpOck.

#52 Posted by spider11211 (1141 posts) - - Show Bio

Trust me after all of the lies he is spreading about me I am happy to sign all of them.

#53 Posted by Wyldsong (5320 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, at this point, I am about done with Marvel. I have one singular title from Marvel on my pull list, Scarlet Spider -- and that was close, but it is a spider title I still enjoy. Everything else is from Top Cow and Dynamite.

At first, I really didn't have any problems with this, because regardless of what Marvel says, Peter will be back one day. That is a foregone, inevitable conclusion. In the least, I see this taking maybe 2 years in the least (though the solicits of a Spidey in his old costume at the end of the year is certainly eyebrow raising), since we have SpOck solicits up into next year.

My problem is, Superior just isn't grabbing me and keeping my attention. There is definitely some gross stupidity being played on the part of many characters not noticing or even pushing the issue on the changes in Spidey. Spidey used to be a book about one of those rare few heroes that wasn't somewhat dark and didn't kill, and was truly heroic. Now, he is just another anti-hero in a long line of anti-heroes that are fairly prevalent in comics. Even the humor in the book is now scarce and falls flat.

I don't have a problem with them wanting to try something new and different, it is just not interesting me any longer. Couple that with the fact that they are banking on the "shock and anger" tactic to sell just isn't for me, but Marvel is a business though, first and foremost. They are here to make money, which does not always equate to making the fans happy. If people are buying their books, then they are going to continue down whatever path makes them the most money. I can't begrudge them that, and I don't blame them for it. Bottom line is, they are going to do whatever it is they need to do to make profit. I just don't feel the need to support it any longer.

#54 Edited by frogdog (3246 posts) - - Show Bio

@lykopis: Simple petitions aren't going to cut it, even One More Day had petitions and Marvel still stuck to their decision. If fans want to make a difference, then they will have try alot harder than online petitions.

#55 Posted by Bezza (3454 posts) - - Show Bio

@peppeyhare said:

These threads are ridiculous. These are fictional characters made to create interesting stories. Not real human beings. Peter parker is still spider-man to the masses and he always will be. He's been replaced in the comics before and he'll be replaced once again in the future but he'll always come back. You guys need to come down and realize if you don't want Spock don't buy the book. If everyone who complained about him truly didn't buy any issues Peter would already be back.


I agree, that's why I'm not buying the Superior Spiderman series!

#56 Posted by PeppeyHare (4310 posts) - - Show Bio

Also keep in mind Slott's reactions may not be the most classy but the dude takes tons and tons of abuse daily. More than any of us will probably ever experience. I'm sure if any of us had hundreds of people insulting us daily you'd say something stupid once in a while as well. People have this problem where they think it's okay to insult a more well known person but not ok for them to do it back. It's ok to say something like "I dislike Superior Spider-man and hope Peter comes back soon." Not ok for you to say "You fat **** bring back peter parker right now you ******* ****." A human being should never have to suffer abuse or be afraid because of a act done to a character.

#57 Edited by JasonHawke (1248 posts) - - Show Bio

But Parker is so BOOOORING~~~ D:

That and petitions make me sad because they hardly ever (I have never heard of a petition actually winning over something; dont give me examples please) do much in the end.

#58 Posted by lykopis (10753 posts) - - Show Bio

@frogdog said:

@lykopis: Simple petitions aren't going to cut it, even One More Day had petitions and Marvel still stuck to their decision. If fans want to make a difference, then they will have try alot harder than online petitions.

It's all about numbers. I just got caught up on reading the series and the first letter I read from a fan who hates the whole SpOck thing was pretty much ridiculed by Slott. I still see no problem with people expressing their unhappiness, but at the same time, they need to stop purchasing the book. If everyone who was unhappy with Superior actually stopped purchasing it -- it might make a difference. Unless there really are that many people enjoying the book and in that case -- there isn't anything you can do outside of following another favourite character and supporting their titles.

#59 Posted by Darklexeus (39 posts) - - Show Bio

As much as petitions can be useful, the ultimate problem is that they tend not to work, it's like a bunch of paper that someone can just toss in the garbage and forget about, or rather virtual paper in this case. Signing a petition to bring a single character back won't help anything, you guys would do better not even continuing to buy the book at all.

#60 Edited by Eclipse-32 (63 posts) - - Show Bio

@darklexeus: well there's no harm in giving it a shot, but yes it's probably more effective to boycott the series

#61 Edited by Vance Astro (91191 posts) - - Show Bio

There is really no need for a petition because I don't believe Marvel is bold enough to leave their most popular superhero dead. They've never done that with anyone and ALL of their most popular heroes technically "died" at some point. Just be patient. Marvel is allowing you to miss Peter a little bit, so that when he returns it will be a huge deal. Read between the lines, Marvel isn't that bold..they never have been.

#62 Posted by spider11211 (1141 posts) - - Show Bio

@vance_astro: Good point, but then again it can't hurt for them to know about it.

#63 Posted by RonSiconolfi (521 posts) - - Show Bio

petitions are prob not needed- in comics nothing is final- dead characters always come back they just take a little break. i wouldnt be supprised if peter returns just in time for amazing spider-man 2

#64 Posted by EliCrofoot (42 posts) - - Show Bio

All of you guys who have stopped reading after Pete's death are really missing out. Superior contains some of the best Spider-Man stories in years, and is a nice change of pace. Everyone knows Peter's comic back, so why not give Superior a chance while it lasts?

#65 Posted by gridde (91 posts) - - Show Bio

@elicrofoot: To be fair, the fact that it's not Pete means readers like me just don't consider them 'Spider-Man' stories at all.

That said, the Superior book has been enjoyable so far. I don't like it when Slott goes out of his way to upset Peter Parker fans (presumably out of revenge for the ongoing backlash he receives?), but the rest makes for an interesting read, as a Doc Ock book.

We all know Peter will come back eventually, and I think the more people big Slott about it, the more annoyed he gets and the more he'll just kill Peter and/or put off his proper resurrection. After reading issue 19, I get the feeling we're somehow gonna see Pete brought back in some capacity and be crushed again...

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