"one more day" vs "the other"

#1 Posted by spider2dfly (277 posts) - - Show Bio

Which is more cooler? the Spider-Man who embraced "the 0ther" and gained more powers, or the Spider-Man that took the deal with the demon, Mephisto, and have gone back to basic?

Who is more powerful anyway? "the Great Weaver/the 0ther" or Mephisto?

Personally, I like the "the other".. But hey, that's just me.

#2 Posted by zero edge (3990 posts) - - Show Bio

haha OMD was a piece of crap, so I'll take the Other any day.

#3 Posted by Dormath (2401 posts) - - Show Bio

zero edge says:

"haha OMD was a piece of crap, so I'll take the Other any day."

yep more power beats waste of time any day

#4 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

The Other was much better. One More Day was nice, until the end when it became crap. No matter what, The Other was better.

#5 Posted by NEW VENOM (1148 posts) - - Show Bio

the other but both kind bored me

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