Off My Mind: The End of The Amazing Spider-Man

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In issue 700 they'll probably reveal that Aunt May in actuality is an aged Gwen Stacy who was sent back in time when her neck snapped with memories wiped. Its comics it could happen!

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Yes. Me too.

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*sharpens pitchfork and readies gasoline*

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Ending? why does it have to end?

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@csguterres said:

@the_fallen11 said:

He's bringing Gwen back....I know it...I just know it.

If it happens, I will be like this:

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No longer the Amazing Spider Man. The Superior Spider Man! I'm interested to know what Marvel NOW will take the Marvel superheroes, so far I only collected Ultimate comics spider Man and Spider Men. If this is a ploy to be like the Ultimate franchise I can't help but feel it might fail. We'll just have to wait and see.

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I like the idea of him being forced to kill a villain and going into a depression over it. Getting the boot from the Avengers, FF etc. .. Becoming an alcoholic, being less and less 'careful'. Then Tony helps him through it or something.

Though I hope not about that alcoholic part.. I've been thinking about a comic series myself and that's a similar idea to something I've been thinking about for my own potential character.

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this dosen't sound good

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

It'll be melodramatic, lacklustre and uninspired, just like the rest of Slott's run.

Jeez pretty harsh.

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All I see is that '' Oh DC Rebooted themselves ! We must do it too ! '' Only problem is....we still don't have a clear clue on how the new 52 fit in with past stories....each week we get more and more plotholes and ridiculous changes that destroy a chracter trait.

If they want this Marvel Now to be successful...don't try to go Over the Top with it and use some consistency dammit ! I highly doubt a 'drastic change' would bring more people than you lose. Sure the shock value will effect them but after it wore off... it will only feel like '' Well, what's the point of that ? ''...

Hell I would love for them to bring Spider-Girl back and give Peter a breathing room if they least that would be an innovative way to handle a Main series.

I am also quite concerned over the statement as it is there to Rile up the fans...instead of focusing on the story...which is a really bad way to go. It kinda worries me that the 700th issue will be there to get some cheap reactions from fans rather than being an actual , compelling end.

After experiencing OMD , I am always skeptical about these changes because I can't trust the editors who can justify their BS like that. And the way they set up the scene for doesn't give me much hope. Hell after Avengers Vs X-men... I can barely think what ''positive'' ideas left in their heads other than Misery and suffering.

All I can say... They better make this Marvel Now worthwhile.

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If they kill off Aunt May im gonna be really pissed off. They already ruined Spiderman once to keep that old biddy alive, she better stay that way. Aunt May better be on the last page of the last issue of the last Marvel comic ever made.

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@G-Man: Oh man. I'm really tempted to break down that image to check if I recognize each artist's rendition of Spidey and Venom in there.

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watch they

A.) kill off Aunt May, have some villain come in and tell him he 100% truly is the clone and always has been and the real Peter Parker died long ago which drives Mary Jane crazy and she ends up pleading to be killed and succeeds with the help of a symbiote villain that then uses her death to torture Ben (spiderman) with. Alpha will feel bad for his past mentor and will take over as Spiderman (his cosmic powers will adjust to giving him spider abilities) Ben Riley from all the twists and turns goes crazy and tries to become Green Goblin and ends up killing himself.

B.) kill off Doc Ock but not before he traps Peter Parker (now knowing his secret identity) and fuses new bionic limbs to him with a chip that over rides his brain and can take control of his body as Doc Ock for temporary periods of time.

C.) Kaine kills and takes over as the new Spiderman and replaces Peter without anyone knowing.

D.) Daredevil takes over as Spiderman bc Spiderman is killed.

E.) Slott undoes everything that has happened since One more day. As aunt May dies, the spell will grow weaker bc she is the key to the spell staying in tact. When she dies either

1. Peter and Mary Jane remember everything that was forgotten but May is still dead.

2. Everyone remembers everything that was forgotten and Peter is now on the run with Mary Jane (or she could be killed whatever) from all his villains

3. right as May dies everything in Peters life goes right back to the moment that May was dying in One More Day. May dies like she was originally supposed to and Peters life has a new starting point from there.

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"Of course we don't need some big horrific event just to make a great memorable story."

My exact words to the existence of One More Day.

Maybe they'll finally break the deal with the devil?

Or Mephisto reveals that MJ has been his wife since OMD and takes her away with him. Considering he wanted Thor not to interfere with a plan of his and he was putting the moves on Magma for a plan, it wouldn't surprise me if he manipulated everything behind the scenes in OMD just to have MJ... better than just erasing their marriage just to take away their happiness yet totally sucking in the story department.

Oh wait... Doc Ock related... Doc Ock attacks Peter's home and kills May?

Part of me wants to laugh at this. Why? Didn't they decide to end Amazing Spider-Man years ago in the 400's? Give it a few years and viola, Amazing 701.

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Things I will not be okay with:

  • Killing Peter.
  • Replacing Spider-Man. Already done in one universe.
  • Killing any character for the sake of emotionally affecting Peter. We already know that his attitude has been affected the death's he's seen. Doing it again won't change anything.
  • Resurrecting Gwen Stacy.
  • Revealing Peter to the public

Things I will be completely disinterested in:

  • New powers.

Things I would absolutely love:

  • Peter kills somebody on purpose. Perhaps Alpha or Ock.

That's all I've got for now.

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Also, to anybody suggesting they might replace Peter with Miles in 616... the ending of Spider-Men really implied to me that 616 Miles is a bad guy. The look on Peter's face is a look of horror, not merely surprise.

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I was thinking about this some more and what if a villian forces Peter to kill someone to save a large group of people. Say he is trapped in a room with no way out and it is strong enough that he could not break out. Now in front of him there are 2 screens, one is a random person cooking themselves dinner but is in Miami or some other distant local Peter could not get to even if he could not break out of the room. On the other screen are pictures of several explosives attached to the main support structures of a building or bridge in New York city. Peter gets a choice press button one and the single person gets gased to death, it will be painless and quick, or he can press button two and the explosives will detonate. If he does nothing both events will happen and just to show Peter they are serious they some real time event like a murder or high speed chase that can be confirmed on the local news channels. They give Peter 10 min to push a button. Just to spice thinge up the there are cameras set up on the target with explosives and he realised that at that time of day there are several people inside that he knows.
I know this sounds like a pretty elaborate and unrealistic set up but what if he was forced to kill an innocent person for the greater good. How would that affect Peter and would it change him. It could be a good cliffhanger and provide motivation to get the person that set him up to do that in the future.

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Personally, ASM has been my favorite Marvel series for a long time now & Spidey my favorite hero. I'm nervous.

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Now I'm curious to know how things went with Daredevil.

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Spider-Man is one of Marvel's flagship titles and you don't throw a wrench in your character design you've been developing for over 50 years by having him break character and kill anyone after all these years. The homicidal Spider villains roster is pretty full as it is. (So that's actually one of the dumbest notions that people keep suggesting.)

Spider-Man may still be ransacked and made to LOOK-like a villain, but not likely.

Reveal of his identity - not going to happen - been there done that - not dynamic enough at this stage of the game.

May dying - yeah - well seems like we've done that before too.

New powers - For redundancy sake no & there is real problematic issues that powers can have with altering one's perception of the individual - so I'm going to say definitely NO.

Personally, I think the big shake up is going to be from someone we haven't seen in a while or have all but forgotten about, but has the power to make a huge influence in his life. - Best Bet - Norman Osborn - How better to end the series than by the hands of his greatest nemesis. Osborn was right all along although some what over zealous and Peter is now working with Norman to set the world right after the events of AvX. Like everyone else merely speculation but its fun.

So what if? ... Spider-Men was a test for what is going to transpire in 700? Doc Ock gets his revenge of sorts by transporting Peter back to the Ultimate Universe wherein he is seemingly trapped with no hope of return. Eh - Who knows?

Slott knows and I'm sure something new and interesting will come out of it regardless of what they do.

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Gwen's probably coming back. I mean the Jackal has been popping up at random so I feel like it's bound to happen. Not a clone though, the real Gwen. By magic or something, Slott never really likes explaining why things happen they just do in his world. She's going to have to own up to everything she did in Sins Past. At least that's where I'd go with that. She's really got some explaining to do. Also, Ramos has been itching to draw her.

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Oh! Oh! I got it, Spiderman dies and Black Cat is the new Spider Woman! Okay, not really but hey, I can dream.

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Thinking of the title "The Superior Spider-Man" really perplexes me... I just can't tell what's on the horizon.

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How about, Doc Ock gets revenge on Peter by grafting metal arms on to Aunt May?

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So is the Amazing Spiderman series gonna stop or are they gonna start over and start at #1?

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