Off My Mind: The End of The Amazing Spider-Man

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I loved Big Time and all that has come since. Slott is amazing! Pun intended. That said MJ shouldn't die, nor should May. The power upgrade we've also already done. I don't know what big thing could happen here but i'm anxious. I still want to see an all out Kraven vs Spiders story with the SPiders (Spidey, Scarlet, SpiderGirl, and Venom) taking on the Kravens pro-actively.

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@Trodorne said:

@FadeToBlackBolt said:

It'll be melodramatic, lacklustre and uninspired, just like the rest of Slott's run.

is it really just dan slott or maybe just marvel in general?

Marvel in general, sure, but Slott is normally a good writer. I expected better.

Like everyone else he still has to report to his... SUPERIOR.....

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: If dan was going to do something to really piss off the readers, He could get Mary Jane and Peter back together and elope so they are married again, and we would be like.....WTF was the point of OMD!

But also remember what happened at the end of Spider-Men #5 . I would not be surprised if they try pulling an ultimate spider-man on us.

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I think maybe the death of Aunt May, but really anything can happen with Dan Slott writing this book

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Such a precarious precipice to be standing on in this situation...

What could they do to Spidey that would be big but not leave a foul taste in everyone's mouth? I'm not sure, but I will be looking out to see how this goes down.

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The end of Amazing Spider-Man? Really? No wait, just until they relaunch it again with a new #1, so when you think about it it's really not a big deal at all.

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@hyenascar said:

Be brave Marvel. Do something fresh and new. Even if everyone on here is afraid of change, it would be nice to have a true departure from the normality of this character. There are plenty of characters and plenty of opportunities for new stories. Heck, maybe you should kill spider-man. Maybe he kills someone, because accidents do happen.

This. So much this. I'd love to see a big change and a new direction that stuck for a while. Not crazy about the "Ock tentacles" idea that's been thrown around (even though it does sound plausible), but whatever happens, I'm on board if we get to see a little bit different take on Spidey and good stories come out of it.

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I really hope that they don't pull an ultimate spider-man on us. One Miles Morals Spider-man is enough. Really interested in whats going to happen though.

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Aunt May dies and Norman Osborn returns, then brings back Gwen Stacy and turns her into a goblin-like mutant. Crazy and wrong but a great cliffhanger IMO...

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I just can't believe how bad Slott's run on this series has gotten. Ever since the end of Spider-Island, it's been completely downhill, and I just can't seem to care anymore. My guess, however, is the return of Osborn in the Green Goblin suit. It fits in with the whole Goblin war doesn't it?

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Either way, I'll just be waiting for Bleeding Cool to spoil it, and I won't have to buy it.

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I think its either 700 is going to be Kingsley dies and Alpha becomes the new Hobgoblin or Hobgoblin killes Spider and Alpha gets his power back and defeats Hobgoblin to take Spider's place as the hero in Marvel.

And Carlie and Mary Jane decide to get together

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@xAnimosity said:

They should have had Stan Lee come write the 700th issue.


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Who is writing the new "Superior" title and is it a renumbering or what? Marvel NOW is so confusing but that is neither here nor there.

Killing Mary Jane would be epic, or at least shocking, I would read that comic.

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I really hope the times will come back that history is cool again and that the foundations are respected instead of people wanting only what is "new" and "hot". I don't blame Marvel, it is just the way the world works today. Things go faster everyday and things get old quicker and quicker. Just too bad... And before you think im an old man, im 26.. 
Anyway, I hope that the new series will be a succes, but I hope soon all series will return to their original numbering and stay that way :)

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Calling it now, Aunt May is going.

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@xAnimosity: Indeed! He is a living legend :)
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im TOTALLY cool with aunt may getting offed. if mary jane dies i will literally cry and scream

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By the end of issue #698 Doc Ock will find out that he is Peter's dad. In #699 Doc Ock and Pete will hang out as Father & Son.

Issue #699 again mentions knowing "Peter Parker's secret" and wanting vengeance. He will put out a call to other Spider-Man villains.

Octavius will have vengeance on all the years he has missed with Pete and he will call out other Spidey villains to help him have a nice end of his life with his son. But in #700 Alpha will fly in all jerky and stupid whilst Spidey and Ock are having fun and kill Otto to make all the other heroes love him again. His plan doesn't work, Alpha gets banished to another dimension for this act setting up for a future Year Long Event where he has his revenge against Spider-man.

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@stumpy49er said:

There was a time I would have cared... ah the Spiderman comics that used to be...

Word. Now what or is not cannon - years of history - will just be wiped out based on who the editor is that day. There is no trust. Great character, ruined.

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I really like that first image up there in the article. As for Spidey himself, I just hope whatever happens is a total surprise and a shock to everyone.

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Alpha is one of those comic characters I hope to never see again.

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He will get Doc Ock's arms--forcing him to leave Horizon Labs and to have a public identity. But he will be more spider-like----a Superior Spider-Man.

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Peter is obviously going to be replaced by Soundwave.

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This just in from the House of Ideers; We've done it ! We've started a shin-dig by restarting the issue numbers !

In other news; Several Marvel Executives were killed today.

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Random thought, Aunt May or Mary Jane somehow die causes Peter Parker not to be Spider-Man. OR The whole Clone Saga thing goes down again.

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With regard to the recent Spider-Men mini series, wouldn't the more reasonable assumption be that a 616 Miles Morales would be written in to be a short-term replacement for Peter?

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@Superdork said:

He will get Doc Ock's arms--forcing him to leave Horizon Labs and to have a public identity. But he will be more spider-like----a Superior Spider-Man.

Haha, I'd actually like to see that for a while. He truly would be the Spider-Man in a new way too.

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Bring back Norman Osborn as Green Goblin, have Aunt May shoot Electro, have Green Goblin kill Spidey, have Miles M.. oh, wait a second....

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So much hate going on. Sheesh. I've been digging the stories lately. But I don't want a shocking death. And we could all be completely wrong in assuming that's what'll happen.

@churrific: Have you seen the full image? It's pretty sweet.

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Parker killing Alpha or maybe Doc Ock

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@BlueLantern1995 said:

@Strider92 said:

@ahgunsillyo said:

The Return of Gwen Stacy.

Do it.

After Sins Past wasn't retconned!? Gwen must never return until SP is retconned NEVER!

I thought that the retconning of Sins Past was implied with bringing back Gwen Stacy. I completely agree with both of you.

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I wish that I could have more faith in this new "Superior" venture...

But, I'll bet it will suck.

Between the "Youngbloods" and the "Suits", D.C. and Marvel are letting the monkeys loose and there is gonna be POOP everywhere!


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I think Dan Slott is a bright minded writer...he knows Death in a Comic Book is not a brave and life changing event ...nothing so shocking and disruptive after years and years of resurrections (we are told the Ultimate Universe is different...we'll see: there is time to be disappointed)

I think he has something else in mind....a real change

Peter to become a Villain or to gain a completely different sets of powers would do if that becomes permanent: maybe he will become the next Goblin ...... Brave ,shocking, life changing...

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Just don't kill mary jane. Also I don't know about making Peter life more miserable with another tragedy, dude already suffered enough, I do like the idea of his secret identity being revealed again. Lets be honest, everyone already knows that peter parker has some connection to spider man, his friends and family already are targets of super villains ALL THE TIME, just get it over with..... AGAIN.

Or do something completely new and off the chain, but please oh god don't kill another character just to make peter more emo.

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I would be totally willing to jump onto this issue with Spidey if absolutely NONE of what you suggested happened in this issue. Not that they aren't great ideas, but I want a bold and fresh thing to happen that would make me drop the darn book upon reading it. As they say, nothing is worth doing unless done right after all. Let issue 700 go out with a big bang and kick NOW into gear then.

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Perhaps he'll regrow those other four arms he got for issue 100.

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The Brand New Day pseudo-reboot a while back pissed me off to the point that I haven't read Spider-Man since. I can empathize with the desire for a return to "classic" villain of the week Spider-Man comics and making easier for new readers to jump in, but it threw away SO much narrative and character development that I just couldn't stand to read it anymore.

Is it worth picking ASM up again and powering through to the current issue?

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They are going to fake Spider-Man's death. That is what I see happening.

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@the_fallen11 said:

He's bringing Gwen back....I know it...I just know it.

If it happens, I will be like this:

Loading Video...
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So why couldn't Spiderman go bad similar to Irredeemable? It's not like he hasn't had moments of wanting to kill his villains. Perhaps he finally snaps and kills Alpha. Why is that so hard to fathom?

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It would be interesting to see Spider-Man kill a bad guy or two. Maybe murder Kingpin and Hobgoblin.

Punisher and Daredevil could witness it. And one of them could say. "But Spidey you are a hero."

Which Spider-Man could reply, "I'm a what?" He webs a gun, grabs it and shot Kingpin strait in the head and then swings away. Punisher and Daredevil are shocked.

Daredevil: What just happened? What happened to Spider-Man?

Punisher: He grew up Devil. He grew up.

And so begins a new saga for Spider-Man.

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nothing will change, and if anything does change, they'll change it back. that's my prediction.

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Hey would you think in the neew Marvel Now they would make Aunt May a little younger....

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Alpha becomes New Spider-Man? No Way! He is nothing like Peter. Spider-man with tentacles? Seriously? Weak. Kill off a major character - IT'S BEEN DONE. (to death)

I think the whole Spidey goes outlaw could work and really makes the most sense and most likely scenario. He finally kills a villian and he is given the boot by the Avengers, FF etc. It would really change the character and shake things up and REALLY PISS FANS OFF!

I think another great scenario, which would be VERY BOLD and interesting is if Peter hung up his web for reals. He could marry Mary Jane and ride off into the sunset. MARVEL ONE could then jump like 15 - 20 years in the future and Peter's and MJ's son could take up the Spider-man legacy. Aunt May will have passed but you could still have all the same characters - just 20 years older. JJJ crustier than ever! Then Peter could still be instilling his ideals into his son. I think fans would buy it because you still have Peter around and he could always swing back into action - just as old classic Spider-man. Plus what's great, there would be no going back from this so fans couldn't revolt and say we want the REAL Spider-man back, it would be a effective reboot.

Of course, the only problem is it would seriously mess with the continuity of the rest of the Marvel Universe as Spider-man would be in his own future timeline. Less they just kind of said - screw continuity.

I like Dan Slott myself. I'm sure he will take the book in a great in a new direction.

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I have insinuated for a while that they might make him stop being spider-man. It allows him the ability to come back without dying. I don't know if it fills me with the rage Dan Slott promised. If he killed someone, he could use that as an excuse.

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I think it will be Peter being forced to kill Doc Ock. The guilt over that will change him, or make him quit being spidey (for a while)

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@Hymmis said:

I like Newsarama's theory;

Look at this. It's crazy

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