Off My Mind: How Do You Define A Hero's Arch Enemy?

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Arch Enemies every hero should have one, Batman has The Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor, The Doctor has The Master and Wolverine has Sabretooth, but for some heroes it's hard to define just who their arch enemy is: 
Take Spider-Man for as a prime example right now he has four maybe five portial arch enemies: Norman Osborn, Venom (symbiote), The Kravinoff Family, Doc Ock and the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six don't appear often enough to really be his ARCH enemies, Doc Ock whilst a strong contend for the award of the web heads worst enemy the remaining three deserves it more. 
Norman Osborn has screwed up Spidey's life countless times, from getting Gwen Stacy pregnant then killing her after she'd given the twins away (but he didn't kill her for giving them away , in fact I don't think he knew about them until they showed up years later), to causing the Clone Saga 'from beyond the grave'
Most recantly Dirty Norman got his son's girlfri end pregnant and forced him to join his Dark Avengers before Spidey stepped in and saved the day. 
So Norman is certaintly deserving of Arch Enemy status but then so is Venom, the symbiote that tried to take over Spidey's mind and body then attached itself to someone how hated Spidey just as much as it did Enter: Eddie Brock sharing some of Spidey's powers aswell as a few of his own Venom (recantly bounded to Mac Gargan formally known as Scorpion) is a worthy foe to everyones favourite Web-Slinger, but in recent years its been the Kravinoff family who have caused Spidey the most pain putting him though a g auntlet  of his old enemies in order to prepare him for the Grim Hunt so as it stands right know the Kravinoff family are Spidey's arch-enemies but over all Venom and Norman are really the only contenders for the title. 
Who would you say Spidey's biggest foe is and why?
How do YOU define a heroes worst enemy, do judge it by who they've fought the most, or by how the characters are two sides of the same coin (like Spidey and Venom or The Doctor and The Master) or even by how badily the villain has screwed up the heroes life? 
Please do let me know
Your faithfully
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The green goblin because how he screwed up peter's life. It is almost the mission from norman osborn to screw up his life

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arch enemy = character that has had the biggest effect on hero

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@DH69: thats kine of what i think to, that mixed with the two sides of the same coin idea
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It would be green goblin hes done the most damage caused the most problems an 1 of the 1st oponents

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@DH69 said:

arch enemy = character that has had the biggest effect on hero

True, plus an archnemesis also has to be a truly challenging match for a hero, whether it be sharing similar skills and abilities or knowing how to counter the hero's strengths. Also, i tend to associate an arch foe with versatility, i.e. someone who keeps coming back stronger than ever & with new ways of tormenting the hero.

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In general it would definitely be Norman Osborn even though more recently Doc Ock seems to be fighting for that position.

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It would definitely be Norman Osborn as first. He seduced Gwen, then killed her, and then engineered the Clone Saga, and more recently, took over as top cop of the US, put the Dark Avengers together, and destroyed Asgard. I'd say either Doc Ock or Venom is next. Doc Ock, cause not only of recent Ends of the Earth, and Doc Ock has pretty much formed every incarnation of the Sinister Six, but he almost married Aunt May once. Venom (Eddie Brock), cause he's pretty much the dark version of Spider-Man, is vicious and ruthless. I'd say that either Jackal, Kingpin, or Kraven the hunter is next. Jackal, cause of clones. Kingpin, cause he called the hit on Aunt May, which cause OMD/OMIT. Kraven, cause of Kraven's Last Hunt, and the Grim Hunt.

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make the story take place in elseworlds

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I would place Norman's Green Goblin as Spidey's arch enemy. The amount of pain and torment he has caused Peter over the years is nearly endless. He learned his identity, killed Gwen, corrupted his son (Peter's best friend), organized the clone debacle, and even killed him in the Ultimate Universe. Most importantly I believe that Peter would name him his main, and most dangerous, opponent.

Second up would be Doc Ock, especially due to recent events such as Ends of the Earth. Ock has devised many a scheme against Spidey and is responsible for many incarnations of the Sinister Six, as the OP stated. He also seems to have developed a sincere respect for Spider-man in regards to ability and intelligence, which I believe is essential amongst arch enemies.

I have never viewed Venom as a true nemesis, more of a jilted lover. The symbiote desires to bond with Parker more than anyone, it is this which fuels its hatred. Aside from terrorizing Spider-man, Venom has been portrayed as an anti-hero. Frequently saving the lives of innocents. Now with Flash as the host it is showing that Venom can be used for heroism more than for terrorism.

Most of the rest of Spidey's villains have proven to be challenges at times, however I do not believe that they can contend for the role of arch enemy.

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Either Osborn or Ock.


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