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Hey guys, I've mostly only ever read DC comics but after reading a couple of previews at my local comic book store I think I wanna try getting into Spider-Man comics. I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding a good jumping on point. Eg. is there a particular issue (hopefully recent) of a particular title that would be a good starting point that can then be continued monthly.

PS. I don't mind spending a bit of time on Wiki to fill in minor details so it doesn't have to be an issue at the start of a continuity reboot or anything like that.

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Well things seem like they about to change big time as hes getting a sidekick next month and something huge is apparently going to happen in #700 so I'd think a good jumping on point would be #692 in August. Can't say I'm to optimistic about it though.

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Anything from Dan's Slott run would be a good read, even if you're new. So hopping on at #692 should be a good option.

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I'd probably start with Civil War and go from there.

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@BringnIt said:

I'd probably start with Civil War and go from there.

thats what i did

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I was you last month. I was recommended Issue #648 which starts the Big Time storyline and Dan Slott's run. He wrote it to be the perfect jumping on point. They do really well to catch you up when you need to know something that happened before. Actually JUST today I caught up to the issue from last week. So, to all those who told me to start at Big Time - Thank You

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Thanks guys, appreciate it.

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Actually, after re-reading them, I'd suggest you start with JMS's run. It ended poorly, but he wrote some of my favorite Spider-Man stories ever.

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I agree. Definitely start here.

Before the "One More Day" reboot this was one of the best runs of Spider-man.

David Micheline's run on ASM is also a very cool run. He features every major Spider-villain in his run and he also worked with Todd Mcfarlane during most of his run who did so much for the character. It's sad how so many forget how Amazing he was on Spider-man.

Right now you can get an omnibus for about 60 bucks on Amazon.

(I grabbed one and love it! Marvel does a greaaaat job with their hard covers. The pages are sewn into the book.)

I have mixed feelings on the current Dan Slott run, but at least he gets the characterization of Peter Parker right!

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