New Spiderman Movie: Title Says It All

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The following is MY opinion which I support whole-heartedly: The new Spider-Man is one of the best comic book films I've ever seen. It IS Marvel's response to Batman Begins. It delivers a powerful and gripping story that sticks fairly close to the comic book plot (more so than Raimi's) and every moment makes it stand out as an entirely different Spider-Man from the Raimi trilogy. It [Amazing Spider Man] goes far beyond my expectations and while Tobey is still an awesome actor and good Spider-Man, Garfield takes it far beyond the norm. Humor is spread throughout from Spidey's whitty comebacks and his learning to use his powers. Stan the Man Lee's cameo was downright hilarious, and the theatre crowd burst into laughter. This movie and its fresh take on the web swinging wall-crawler will certainly be a landmark in further advancing Spider-Man's popularity and proving to the world that this reboot is making a name all it's own. I am NOT whatsover disappointed (and to the people considering to attend, remember to stay after the first set of credits!) :) -TheTimShow

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What i can not wait to see is the film The Amazing Spider-Man i wound like to read Spider-Man comic but it is just an effort of going out and getting it.

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