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The Heat this should be the most powerful competitors playoffs eastern breakthrough, but life is full of surprises, and lost to the Celtics in three games in a row, the team had to advance the nature of the Last Stand facing win or go home. Reminds me of the last season, face the same straits James issued a "now or never" passion oath ...... ah, in terms of the emperor, this is a not afford to lose the game! Away to take no less than the Green Army, the Heat will not only bid farewell to the season, and the Big Three of James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh will once again be brought to the cusp of all questioned, even on this most likely dissolution. Past but won the victory of the Battle of King Mountain Green Army, almost lost the series there is no criminal record, veteran their determination to defend the home can not be underestimated. In such an atmosphere and environment, both sixth fierce fighting broke out, the final one to dominate the game, the final one for all the so-called adverse record all passed away, the final one with their actual actions fought back all questioned ... There is no doubt that this man is not afford to lose can not lose LeBron James. Results we all know the Heat undisputed victory. The game did not like the previous game from start to finish is very intense, the last time has been reduced to garbage time. * authentic nfl jerseys wholesale * 45 points, only data on the reflection of the emperor solemnly from the start of the game always, with a near no solution action at both ends of the court reveals the full domineering. There is no doubt that separate out the analysis, which is an out and out of the game belongs to James. Him to take over the game from start to finish, and decided the game, win the game ... this ball called classic, at least at this moment, there is no light beyond his!

When playing the game, Paul Pierce almost hand victory stand and sent the emperor with a third of the solution, when the Heat on this forced on desperate when Bosh comeback at the moment still uncertainty when Boston signs fun to ridicule satire James, I believe that everyone is looking at James, even in the heart of all onlookers have a trace of bad feelings waiting to see the emperor joke ... LeBron is not total investment into the lore? The emperor not always needed at a critical moment to turn the tide when he choose to escape it? This time, went to the edge of despair, but also to the most critical moment, James also making the same mistakes? No! Him in with a new attitude to fight back all of the above questioned: well, you do not question me? I LeBron from the competition with its own strong control of the game and never let the game there is a need lore, need to cast a fatal blow to the moment! The game all in my hands! This is true, his powerful continuous take points, expressed his determination to win the ball, defend their own faith in the invincibility interpretation of their determination to win. All this after his incredible score every vividly reflected. This force has apparently pent, no matter what the environment, no matter who are impossible to resist! Maybe LeBron light is too bright, undeniable victory * authentic nfl jerseys * Heat the remaining commanders that hard. Bosh adaptation significantly improved; Wade Although poor state, but in the fourth quarter the early part of the contribution is essential; Chalmers, Shane Battier, Haslem done their fair share of thing ...... everyone to pay in exchange for this victory, and as long as maintain this momentum,

Acquired to the defending Eastern Conference champions won the battle of life and death, the Heat obviously more emboldened. In fact, the Heat play the Celtics team strong, but their variables more activated positive variable more, they more dynamic and aggressive. The contrary, the Green Army out of tricks, usable already on the table, Londo + four-point play of the Big Three, and the face of the Miami Heat, almost four points should have a normal or abnormal levels of play, The team will it be possible to win. Like the game, only Rondo playing the Big Three slightly better in addition to Garnett, the rest almost did not normally play level results will defeat ended. Right now the situation, the elderly and away to Celtic, indeed disadvantaged in the final round of the life and death battle, the only thing they can rely on, only several withstand saved after seven games experience. But everyone knows that competitive sports than the strength of the light of experience, rely on experience, not enough to win. Green Army and the Heat two eastern enemies, they teamed arranged the eastern part of the four most recent champion among the three in the Eastern Conference finals reunite, the so-called "enemies meet exceptionally jealous. In 2010, the Green Army is in the first round of the playoffs and the Eastern Conference semifinals respectively, out of Wade and emperor led the Heat, Knight, which won that year's Eastern Conference championship; 2011, with Wade and the emperor, Bosh Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals, eliminated the Green Army and eventually won the Eastern Conference championship trophy. Therefore, this series, the two armies encounter, are has devoted too complex emotional factors. This is a two teams of old and new "Big Three" exciting series showdown lose more revenge connotations serious aging due the Bosh injury indefinitely suspended, * nfl personalized jerseys *as well as the old green Army "Big Three" of age . Speaking for the majority of fans, regardless of who is able to win the game, as long as we can enjoy the pleasing spear and shield contest has been satisfied, after all, you can not, nor should this aging team of Green Army demanding too much, they could come to the arena of the Eastern Conference finals has been a huge success, venerable enough!

The first battle began, The green Army veteran who appears to have been the first two series of physical exertion, very slow to enter the state, just get a poor 11 points in the first section, opponents opened a gap of 10 points, the KG one person got 11 points 6 points, the other players really feel bad. Section 2 KG served some time Fours, but received good effect around the face of the emperor's former defensive, KG can cope easily with single again 7 halftime Green Army pulled back the same starting line. The third Green Army offensive stagnation again, the single also had 15 points, 7 KG won again struggling to support the team, but the points difference has been opened to 11 points. The fourth quarter has been exhausted KG no longer be able to stop the Heat, the final Green Army had defeated and go to 79:93. Hall KG the game 5 of 6 penalty of 16 9 free throws, the Green Army maximum of 23 points and 10 rebounds, plus 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 blocked shots, the only consistent player of the performance of the Green Army. Truth audience of 18 shots, only 5 4 2 threes, there is not even get a free throws, 12 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal performance is only passable. Gentleman Ray audience shot, only to hit a record pointers, free throw percentage this season, up to 91.5% of the sharpshooter, * cheap authentic nba jerseys * turned out to only 7 free throws throws 3 balls, apparently is caused by the extremely weak, injury defeat the veteran. Unless James acquired beat'em completely misfiring, with the sixth war a different person, will it? Of course not! Right now the league believe that no the emperor so desire championship, the light the Fengyun bucket Heart s energy alone, can make the emperor at the moment he wants to take over the game, with a new attitude. The beat'em acquired emperor career in a key game, even if there is no such a stunning 45 points, I believe he would with real action again interpretation of championship determination blocked all questioned the voice with a victory.

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