New Avengers #61

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Hi there!
I just finished reading New Avengers #61 and something caught my attention. When Spider-Man and Spider-Woman are chilling on the rooftops, Spider-Woman mentions that she was under the impression that Spider-Man is a married man. Spidey replies with a confident "Never". This got me thinking, maybe Mephisto's spell in OMD didn't work on heroes who weren't on earth at the time. Spider-Woman was abducted to some far away place, so maybe she wasn't affected by Mephisto. 
With the latest preview puzzle for Spidey's adventures in 2010, what do you think?

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Brian Bradley’s quote:

“Spider-Woman’s moment is tarnished when Bendis uses this as another opportunity to reference her romantic involvement with Hawkeye. This lovers’ interaction was probably the only reason Hawkeye and Spider-Woman are in this New Avengers’ book to begin with. The reference to Spider-Woman’s killer rack and the “thing” on Hawkeye’s butt were the only downside that brought me out of this Avengers’ Great Escape-like story.”

I feel that Brian Bendis view on Hawkeye x Spider-Woman is blatantly forced down the readers throats. There is really no interesting dialog between them other than making out with each other, whereas Spider-Man x Ms. Marvel’s relationship is talking its time. The problem is that I just don’t feel that the relationship between Hawkeye x Spider-Woman is going to last very long once Bendis leaves the Avengers. I am biases on the interaction between Spider-Man x Spider-Woman, it seems like Marvel wants to promote Hawkeye x Spider-Woman to promote their love for each other since they feel that Spider-Man x Spider-Woman is too obvious.

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