My Amazing Spider-Man final scene theory...

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I don't know if everyone else has already thought of this but, on the final scene of the new Spider-Man film, when we see Curt Conners in the cell and he is visited by an unknown character, did anyone notice that just before he appears there is a flash of lightning, and just as he disappears there is another flash of lightning.... So could he be ELECTRO?! He could be working for Osborne? Check it out... What do you think?

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yes, since most people are leaning towards Electro or Mysterio due to the flash of light, and then the disapperance.

#3 Posted by thesilverbeatle (640 posts) - - Show Bio

Both would make sense.

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I think its Morbius or some other scientist type character. The lighting was for dramatic effect, people are reading to much into it.

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