Mary-Jane cut from amazing spider-man2

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Apparently its a creative decision, and marc webb wants to focus on Peter and Gwen.

Full story here

#2 Posted by Darkseid011 (122 posts) - - Show Bio

but hopefully they will throw Gwen off a bridge like in issue 122 of the amazing spiderman.

#3 Posted by nickzambuto (18628 posts) - - Show Bio

Has she been booted out of the series or has she hinted that it’s not even worth asking if she’ll return because she ain’t interested after how she has been treated here?


#4 Posted by Guy_on_Couch (4 posts) - - Show Bio

no offense to the actress but MJ is supposed to be supermodel hot...and waaaaay out of Peter's league...I'm glad they're recasting...Emma Stone as Gwen is not supposed to better looking then MJ...

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