Marvel To Introduce Spider-Man's Long Lost Sister!!!!

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Welp, time to pull this one out again.

#52 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14180 posts) - - Show Bio

@frogdog said:

Reason why I ain't mad

1) It's a story with peter parker

2) Mark Waid is writing it

3) Exploring theme of peter's family is hardly touched on

this. i have no problem with another parker.

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It could be just like when they introduced Peter's parents, so she might be a robot impostor!

#54 Posted by saiyan_earthling (5810 posts) - - Show Bio

First darthfury's thread in regards to Spider-Man's female relationship, and now this.....

We all know that Parker never had another sibling. He is the lone child.

#55 Posted by wrthreeh (71 posts) - - Show Bio

First darthfury's thread in regards to Spider-Man's female relationship, and now this.....

We all know that Parker never had another sibling. He is the lone child.chnica



yeah obviously

though /technically/ Kaine and Ben are his siblings.

#56 Posted by kostisfire (124 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm pretty sure this is an elseworlds type of story.

#57 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (38997 posts) - - Show Bio

@kostisfire: nope, they said it's in canon in the interview

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#59 Posted by PunyParker (14305 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm in!.....i'm just confuced about the "before ASM 700 events" thing....(?)

I am optimistic,Waid,the artist of SM:WoS....(Peter!)....a graphic novel!.....hope its good!

But i understand....Sister and no word from Ghost Pete,Aunt Maynor anyone else,they've got a lot of explaining to do.

#60 Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k (4696 posts) - - Show Bio

Perhaps Peteys dad (Richard) was a sperm donor. Or had a relationship with some broad before he met Mary. Or maybe Richard cheated on Mary (Pffft, of course not. I might actually like that one, though.)

This one might be a hit or miss for me. We`ll see.

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The only response I can muster. (apparently this forum doesn't play gifs, so you'll have to click it. gah, stupid comment system)

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#63 Posted by warlock360 (28180 posts) - - Show Bio

he finds her and she dies

#64 Posted by PunyParker (14305 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm quite excited!....

Peter,Waid,Pete's sis....totally ok!

The one thing that bugs me is the "continuity" aspect,like in AU.

#65 Posted by tigerkaya (1367 posts) - - Show Bio

Well this interesting until the ruined it to her being a know it all. And let me guess she knows Peter is Spider-man. Art is nice as always.

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ok so wait he's supposed to have this sister that May or even Ben never spoke about. his parents kinda died thanks to the red skull and during this time she was where. how does she know she's a parker and what the hell is this. i mean ain't this a bit like how Dani phantom came to in DP. some random event happens and boom new cousin. hell wouldn't have been easier just to put her as a distant relative on ben's side since we never hear about his side at all. ever. well not ever but i know more about may's side than his

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Since Marvel and Joe Q are pretty much just rehashing stories from when they were kids, Peter's sister is a clone of the Chamelon shape-shifted into a female version of Peter because of Chamelon's long repressed love of Kraven. There, I called it.

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I personally don't care about this. JUST BRING BACK PETER PARKER

#69 Posted by animehunter (2688 posts) - - Show Bio

Some information from the SDCC Superior Spider-man Panel

James Robinson announced that he’s working on a graphic novel, Family Business, with Mark Waid and artist Gabriel Del’Otto, which introduces the character of Peter Parker’s sister. It’s a spy story. Wacker indicated that the story will fit in to continuity. Family Business is the second of Marvel’s original graphic novel series, following Avengers: Endless Wartime, by Warren Ellis and Mike McKone.

#70 Posted by spider11211 (1172 posts) - - Show Bio

The more they mess up the sooner Peter will be back. On the bright side it is a story without Ock.

#71 Posted by MASTER_OF_SUPRISE (758 posts) - - Show Bio

It doesn't seem too bad. It might make an interesting new angle. Still better than having to endure Otto.

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