Jeph Loeb and J.Scott Campbell on Spider-Man

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 In the Wizard from years ago it did and interview with the two tackling Spider-Man.  In WWLA they announced the series.  I have not heard much and am anxiously awaiting it to breathe life.  I know in a G-Man interview he said it was slated '09 and I even wrote in to Wizard and got my letter published with Loeb's response saying its taking longer than expected.  He recently wrote into the Amazing Spider-Man mail and teased us about a splash page with Lizard he recieved from J. Scott Campbell.  Any new news?????

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Here's the video/interview from last February.


I do have a lithograph of the ASM #500 (image on the right).  It was signed and numbered, limited to 500.  I somehow managed to get #1.  No idea when it'll come out.
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Okay thanks.  I am really looking forward to it and hope they don't give it up.

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