Is Spiderman resistant to cold temperatures?

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I've often wondered if Spiderman is as functional during the winter as in the warmer seasons of the year, as I haven't found anything about Spidey being able to adapt to or protect himself against cold temperatures. I doubt Spidey lays off his superhero duties just because it gets cold outside, so does he wear thicker clothing during winter or is he more resistant against cold weather than normal people? I know he has thicker skin than normal people, but does that help him keep warm? I recall reading a comic where it was winter in New York and Spiderman considered wearing warmer clothes beneath his suit but didn't because he didn't want to be called "Spider-Mush".

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Spider-man has radioactive blood, something tells me that crap will never get cold. I mean isn't that how people get freezing? Cuz their blood gets cold? There was actually a funny issue where it was snowing in New York and Spider-man wore a beanie and a scarf on top of his costume. It was a funny joke, but I doubt in terms of actual abilities that cold has any affect on him. Last time I checked radioactivity is pretty hot stuff.

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As a joke they might have him in scarfs and stuff but in terms of actual abilities yes he's resistant to the cold. Hes pretty much as superhuman durability for anything.

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There are plenty of times that writers have written him wearing things like a scarf, gloves, and a toboggan during the winter time. Plus he actually had the flu (or it may have been a cold) a while back if I remember correctly so the cold does affect him in some form or another.

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Yea, it was the swine flu during Grim Hunt.

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Usually? Yes, though he may wear a scarf or something of that nature because just because he CAN resist it doesn't mean it's enjoyable. I think I read an issue once where he wore long-johns UNDER his costume for added warmth during the winter.

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He can always web himself some warmers.

PPSM vol2 #3
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Spider-man wears like a layer of thermal under his clothes when it's cold. I remember him going over it.

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he's gotten the flu a bunch of times from the cold.

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