Is SMWOF the darkest spiderman game ever.

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Well for me it was pretty dark heck it got dark in the start of the game with beehtoven and peters thoughts and having strugle while making hard choices in his life and if you choose the symbiote side it gets darker every time when your choose the dark choices that peter wont normally do and having the fact in the game lossing or killing Eddie Brock but it's pretty dark yes i know about Edge Of Time its kinda dark too but it was not meant for that the thing that made it really dark is that when Parker dies in the cutscenes and when your fighting Eddie you also feel bad for parker and when miguel comes in you feel good and yet angry for him almost geting killed so those are good and the amazing spiderman video game is kinda dark since he struggles too and when it looks like all hope is lost in the game so ya those are the only dark spiderman games that are really dark.

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Spider-man web of shadows only has one happy ending. It wins by default.

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