Imagine how dangerous Spider-man would be if he was bad

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I think people sometimes forget that Spider-man doesn't seem to dangerous because he is the living example of self-restraint. We got a glimpse of his bad side when he was black spider-man, but he was more of a vigilant than a villain. We get a glimpse of villains with spider powers in spider island, but these are example of people without the experience Parker has with his powers. If he wanted to kill heroes in the marvel universe, I think the death toll would be much higher than people would expect.

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There are bad characters with Spider-Mans fact, there are actual clones of Spider-man that are evil

#3 Posted by deadpoolspidey877 (129 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah but they dont hav as much experience i guess :P

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This is kind of a pointless thread. Like most heroes, bad stuff would happen if he was bad.

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It's not just his powers, but the combination of Peter's brain and his powers that could potentially make him quite the (villainous?) villain. I mean he's defiantly up there with Marvel's best and brightest in the intelligence department.

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He gets beaten by other heroes.


#7 Posted by Kyle_Dornez (285 posts) - - Show Bio

There were multiple What-If 's about that. What if Pete kills Kraven, what if he kills the aunt May's shooter, Spidey VS Wolverine also close. In short, whenever he lets his moral restrictions off he becomes silent, ruthless and supremely badass. In stories where he breaks, his morals usually resurface and force him to ether seek death or outright surrendering to authorities. However, when he adopts Wolverine's mentality, if my memory serves me, he becomes virtually untraceable and uncontrollable wildcard and pain in the ass for SHIELD.

#8 Posted by darthfury78 (1042 posts) - - Show Bio

If Spider-Man became evil, the Black Widow would hunt him down like a dog. And she would take it very personally. Here is a clip. FF to 2:34 to see her in action.

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