Idea for Amazing spiderman 2 trailer

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Show Spider-Man laying on he ground with his suit torn and smoking.

Voice: It hurts. I know.

Show Marvel logo but with Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.

Voice: The fact you lost family members.

Show clip of uncle Ben. (Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.)

Voice: Parents. ( Show flashback of the Parkers running to a jet plain carrying secured luggage. Meanwhile a shadowy character in a trench coat and a derby hat watches them board. Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.)

Voice: And close friends. (Show Captain Stacy getting attacked by Lizard.)Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.

Close up of Peters face in pain.

Voice: All gone. But hold your horses pal.

Cut to Gwen in the Oscorp lab at night. A rain storm is happening outside.

She looks terrified.

Choice: We're just getting started.

The lighting flashes and we see a demonic creature(Morbius) hanging on the side of the window looking at Gwen.

Cut to Empire University. Peter and Gwen are walking.

Gwen: I think you are getting a little Paranoid.

Peter: I just think something else was happening involving cross species genetics. Something escaped oscorp.

See someone getting attacked by some flying creature at night time.

Cut to a quick shot of it's blood fanged mouth.

Peter: I don't want the Lizard incident happening again.

Gwen: You need to relax Pete. You need to be with friends.

Cut to new scene. At Aunt May's Peter and a kid walk into the kitchen where May is.

Peter: Aunt May this is Harry. Harry Osbourne.

Harry: Nice to meet you mam.

They shake hands.

Aunt May: Well it's nice to see you making new friends.

Cut to Peter and Harry walking down the street goofing around.

Cut to Gwen and Peter.

Gwen: I'm just glad you two are kicking it off.

Peter: It's good to have a friend. TO have you.

Cut to Peter riding his skate board and crashing to MJ.

MJ: Careful Tiger your put an eye out ( Cheerfully)

Peter smile.

Cut to Gwen looking not to fond of MJ.

Cut to Peter and Harry in a bed room.

Harry: Well look who's having women trouble.

Peter: It could be worst.

Cut to Spider-Man swinging around the city.

Police Radio report in the background: We have a bank robbery at 244 James Street.

Spider Man swing to the inside of the bank very quickly to attack the robber from behind but as soon as his feet touch the robber, Spidey gets many electric volts surging threw him.

Fade shot of Electro covered in bolts and looking at Spidey who is fried on the ground.

Electro: Well, that must have hurt.

Cut to Logo< Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Cut to an action scene of Spidey swinging with Gwen and MJ in his arms avoiding Electros bolts and flying attacks by Morbius.

Summer 2014

PS Either Ethan Hawk or Jack Huston should play Morbius.

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After seeing Spider-man 3 I don't think 2 villains is a good idea. Perhaps if that villain had been previously introduced in a previous film yes but not a new one. Like the concept but it should be Morbius or Electro not both.

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I see what you mean. To be honest how those two villains can even work together would be insane. However I would like to see them introduce Morbius so at least a Midnight Son film could come out BUT most of all do the Breakout Story with Electro.

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I think that two villians can be a good thing, they just need to do it right. But, I wouldn't take the risk. <_< I like what you did there, but if it was to choose a villian I would chose Electro (Just because I know him better. haha).

#5 Posted by Sheep-Kill (738 posts) - - Show Bio

Understandable. :) Also if they were to go for a second villain I would like to see Chameleon. I can picture him having something to do with the disappearances of the PARKERS. Also having a link to Dr. Conners. Maybe he ( it's a stretch I know ) gave The Chameleon a serum to change is features on his face which could explain the pale bald face as a side affect. Dr. Conners worked with Richard Parker AND maybe with Chameleon, he was the one that broke into The Parker's house that night looking for something that Richard was working on for the army. Something that can be used as a weapon. And also it is never explained what was in Parker's Office. ( okay maybe it was the lizard serium ) Maybe Chameleon did find it and maybe he didn't. Maybe the Parkers still had what he was looking for and left with it or the Chameleon took it and him and his wife were going to go after him.

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