I want to create a real-life Spider-Man.

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ive been working in biology for so many years

trying to combine a spider with a man

any other geniuses want to help me infuse an average human with the proportionate abilities of a spider?

id appreciate advice on how to create the costume, and how to obtain willing test subjects, all my previous test subjects had to be sedated before testing began.

so yeah, like a specific formula or somethign would be great, or failing that, becoming a test subject would help soo much you wouldnt believe

contact me as soon as you can and lets try and leave the police out of this

i WILL do it dont worry people!

friendly neighborhood


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I'll be a subject!! :P

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OK this is getting stupid now. Funny but stupid all the same.

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Allow me to speak for other geniuses of the world when I ask for your credentials. I've seen a man say he was a microbiologist in his signature for his emails despite working at Subway and Albertsons the last 20 years.

And I think costume ideas are the least of your worries right now. Do you know how many years it would take to do this, if ever?

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yes because I'm sure that all REAL scientists get on internet forum sites to get their test subjects....it probably happens all the time

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I found the chemical formula to create a "Spider-Serum". It should work.

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