I find Ultimate Spider-Man really funny

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I know a-lot of people don't like it. I expected it to be horrible, but I couldn't stop laughing. Honest.

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Can't say I'm surprised.

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What Billy

#4 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14358 posts) - - Show Bio

What billy said

#5 Posted by TDK_1997 (15892 posts) - - Show Bio

It was funny in the beginning and I liked it but untill the 5th episode.

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I miss Spectacular Spider-Man :(

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SOME of it is funny, and then it gets wayyyy to lil kiddish which I hate. Its not bad over all, biggest drawback is too much immaturity.

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The only decent thing about that series is the animation. The humor is looney tunes based. That's not how spidey should make us laugh.


#11 Posted by PunyParker (14675 posts) - - Show Bio

Spidey uses clever humor......not "Ultimate Spiderman" humor

#12 Posted by slvr4surfer (86 posts) - - Show Bio

It gets boring after a while.

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It's more entertaining than funny.

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I know a-lot of people don't like it. I expected it to be horrible, but I couldn't stop laughing. Honest.

Funny,it is,i give you that,it has some actually funny moments.

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Its jokes usually range from meh to mildly funny, Luke Cage saying sweet Christmas made me laugh alot for some strange reason. As well as the Luke I am your father reference too (this was from the last episode)

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For me it is a hit and a miss. I like the humor but I don't like the Teen Titan copy for humor. Don't get me wrong I liked the Teen Titans show it worked for it but it just seems like it was copied for Spider-man.

I guess I am on the fence on this one.

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Spidey breaking the fourth wall is pretty funny which is how it should be considering it's a spider-man show.I'm starting to like the show a lot better because now instead of using the same villain every two episodes they're branching and having more cameos from other popular heroes and villains of the marvel universe.

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Yeah because bastardizing one of the GREATEST comic book characters of all time (I'll give you 5 seconds times up it's Venom) is HILARIOUS!! As if Paul Dini didn't suck enough, now he's graduated from ruining Poison Ivy, my favorite DC character, and is ruining my favorite Marvel character.

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some of the episodes are not that bad the majority are not very funny maybe 2-3 halfdecent jokes an episodes but some are quite good like the deadpool one was good and there were a couple others too

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The comics with Peter Parker in it were funny

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I watched only the first two episodes but I really liked it. Obviously it's meant for kids but that doesn't mean it's bad.

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I would watch it but than it would require me to kill off a quarter of my brain cells to appreciate its low quality writing.

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