How might Marvel reverse the events of 700? (small spoilers)

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I recently came a cross a question that I think should be thought on.

If Marvel decides to reverse the events of The Amazing Spider-Man #700 , what can can they do to do this.

I have a few theories, still thinking on the scenarios if any panned out

  1. Peter tells Carlie she has a Spider-man Tattoo on her hip
  2. Doc Ock/Peter gets on the plane
  3. Peter ask to see Captain America
  4. Doc Ock/Peter didn't have shielding for his cranium
  5. Doc Ock/Peter Voluntarily injects himself with the Golden Octobot

This theory only came about after reading Scarlet Spider #12

  1. Kaine reads the letter from Julia Carpenter
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Everyone, I managed to come across a copy of the first issue Superior Spider-Man #1 , please don't ask me how. and please DO NOT ask or expect me to put spoilers, images of clips from the book. But I felt I had to say something after reading it, and only after staring at the issue for hours deciding whether or not to read it.

Dan Slott has definitely redeemed himself, maybe not fully but enough for me to reconsider reading future books.

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