How fast is spiderman exactly? Did TAS portray him accurate?

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I'm not fully knowledgable of Spidey to know (always been more of an X-men guy), but that scene made me go "whoa" when I saw it lol,he damn near seems to be able to teleport,so I was just wondering how fast he moves in the actually comics,are there any speed feat scans anyone has here available?

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Yep. Nothing out of the ordinary. Pete's been dodging bullets for a long long time.

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Even dodged one at point blank, but I don't remember which scan it was...

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During the Grim Hunt, he dodged a bullet shot by Alyosha Kraven, and went so fast, he had Alyosha wrapped up in a web so fast the rest of the Kraven's didn't notice it until it was pointed out.

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when spidey really gets going hes just a blur of red and blue.

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He just casually weaves between individual bullets from a machine gun.

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Yeah, he's actually faster than that in the comics, dude's nearly impossible to pin down.

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Yeah, that's accurate. If anything the movie may have actually been downplaying how fast he is in the other cop scene when he got stunned (people who've seen the movie know what I'm talking about). He is just starting his hero career in this movie after all

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Yeah and to be honest didnt he dodge those bullets without the use of his spider sense. i dont think they even hinted that he had that ability ASM.

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