How does Peter charm women?

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So if Peter was single and for instance went into a bar and saw a woman he would like to know better,how would he charm her?

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Beat every other guy in the bar in arm wrestling

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Opening line: I'm spider man

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Like this.

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By doing crappy french accents and saving them from sniper fire.

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Peter isn't the type to go pick up women at bars unless he's an unfortunate level of intoxicated, from what I've seen.

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@batmannflash: Where are those from?

They are from Ultimate Spider-man issues 43(top) and 80(bottom) I believe.

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this is how he charms Spider-Woman:

Notice that Jessica does take a look at Peter's private part for a brief moment.

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With his stuttering and awkward nerdness. Because we know that always works in real life.

Ha! Kidding.

But seriously, Andrew Garfield was mad stuttering in TASM.

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Seriously,he's good looking,smart,jacked,funny....i believe this is the proper package for women.We all have some of these but not all of these...some of us have all of them.The others try to work the missing issues out!....(go ahead make a "package" joke....)

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@punyparker: to be fair he did make a joke about the "spider-package" in ASM #611!

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