From where I have to start?

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I'm new reader on Marvel I many people recommend me Amazing Spider-Man but of course I'm not going to read the 677 issues, I have to get into it in some point... that's the problem, what's that point/issue?

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Okay, you are extremely lucky, Dan Slott, the writer of Spiderman has been doing a incredible job with Spidey, so there are really only 2 books you have to pick up to start reading the monthly series. Start with Spiderman: Big Time and Spiderman: Spider Island, and you will be completely ready to catch up with Spidey. Enjoy, Dan Slott is f#%^in amazing

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I say start with Spider Island.

#4 Posted by mewmdude77 (993 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd probably say Big Time.

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