Female clone spiderman in Ultimates

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How come she's not taking over the mantle of the spider ?

#2 Posted by Vincent92 (270 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheCuckoo: i think because she is almost identical clone of peter, just female and they wanted to do something different

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Exactly a almost identical clone of peter mind and all, i get that they wanted to do something different i just don't see it working the new spider man seems to lack the likability & humor of the original spider-man. Take that away & what you have left is just not worth reading, Plus i also found it offensive that a black spider-mans family were criminals.

when reading it first I was hoping we would get to see some of the inspirational writing, that could equal peters uncle Ben's character but from a black perspective. But no none of that hope or pure goodness, just regrets about doing time in prison, i found it a bit annoying.

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