Felicity Jones Casting Speculation In ASM: 2

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Thus far in ASM: 2 Felicity Jones's character has yet to be confirmed. There are rumors that she is playing Black Cat but this has yet to confirmed or denied by anyone involved so it got me thinking.

What we do know from interviews is that the character she's playing is quote "sort of on the bad side". There aren't many Spider-man related female supporting cast that fit this bill. In fact most people might only think of Felicia however i'm going to speculate here. By taking what i've heard in interviews and what i've seen in comic movies recently and the tone of the Webb films.

What we know:

  • She's sort of a baddy
  • Jones also commented that the scale was huge and she was surrounded by a LOT of supporting cast

Now we recently saw Catwoman in The Dark Knight rises so with that in mind introducing Black Cat might be a bit premature as the whole "Black Cat is just a copy of Catwoman" comments might come up drawing a comparison between the two films. If I was in Marc's shoes this thought definitely would have crossed my mind. So if not Black Cat who else is there?

Silver Sable!
Felicity Jones

Now stop "WTFing" for one second and look at this from a clean perspective with what I am about to propose!

Why It Makes Sense?

Ultimate Silver Sable

1. This would completely destroy any comparisons brought up between Black Cat and Catwoman.

2. Silver Sable is a far more grounded and gritty character than Black Cat. A deadly mercenary is far more in fitting with Webb's grounded movies than a Cat burglar who dresses in revealing clothing.

3. She is both a villain and a hero like Jones stated.

4. Surrounded by lots of supporting cast? Silver Sable is the leader of a mercenary group called the Wild Pack.

5. Webb has based his Spider-man series quite a bit on the Ultimate Spider-man comic franchise. Guess who was a big player in the Ult Spider-man universe at one point? Silver Sable. She was hired to acquire Venom among other things.

6. She has the option of both being a love interest or just a flirt. That is something incredibly important in my view. Webb has already introduced Gwen Stacy and has plans to bring in Mary Jane. Wouldn't adding Black Cat another confirmed love interest make things a little crowded? Sable does not have this problem. She has shown attraction to Spider-man but the two have never been an item. Webb would have complete control on where he wanted the relationship to go. Whether just a flirtatious thing or something more.

616 Silver Sable

7. In the Ultimate Universe we saw Silver fighting quite a few characters with her Wild Pack. If Webb does go on to use the Sinister Six then Silver Sable and her group of Merc's are the perfect plot device to bring to the table to help Peter in his hour of need. Ie: in an outnumbered and outclassed fight Vs The Six.

8. She would require almost no character development. Black Cat has a whole back-story that Webb would need to explore in order to give a good representation of Black Cat. Silver Sable requires no such background. She's a mercenary that is motivated by money pure and simple and does what she's asked so long as she gets paid. She could have been hired to attack and steal from Oscorp, hired to kill Spider-man etc.... and no explanation would be needed because thats what mercenaries do and given the amount of villains Webb already has to build up in character someone like Sable would be a valid choice as she wouldn't require much screen time.

9. Unlike Black Cat, Webb is also free to kill Sable off if a heroic way if he desires (Ends Of The Earth anyone?) to add a more darker tone to his movies. So if he does suddenly decide that Peter's love life becomes too crowded *bam* he can have her sacrifice herself heroically for the greater good and no one would bat an eye-lid because she is not a well known Spider-man character and its a good character development point. Ie: the mercenary who only did things for money suddenly seeing things from Peter's perspective and dying in attempt to be like him and do the right thing.

10. Unlike Black Cat Webb would not have to resort to any powers for Sable to give Spider-man a tussle as she has a whole squad of killers under her command. He wouldn't have to try and think up a way to justify Sable beating Spider-man without powers whereas with Felicia he most likely would have to give her some kind of superhuman stats in order for her to keep up on her own.

Again this could be completely wrong and i'm just spouting random crap but who is more in keeping with Webb's universe? A Cat-burglar in revealing clothing and super-crush on Spider-man or a deadly Mercenary with a group of killers under her command who will do whatever she's hired to do for the right price?

This seems the most likely!

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@strider92: Good idea. I still think she should play Black Cat. No matter what you're always going to have people compare Catwoman and Black Cat.

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I never thought of that before! That makes sense! My guess was that she was Dr. Kafka, but I can actually see her as Silver Sable. I'm also guessing Sarah Gadon is Felicia Hardy.

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@ninjablade09: I agree. I would love to see Black Cat. I was just saying that replacing Cat with Sable would be a good and feasible way to avoid those comparisons.

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Man I hope they don't pull a Spider-Man 3 and put to many characters in it.

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@dernman: Well Webb has already commissioned another 2 sequels and although Rhino and Vulture are also present in this ontop of Electro and whoever Jones is playing they're parts are apparently minimal. My guess is both Rhino and Vulture will be cameos or see Spider-man maybe webbing them up for the cops as normal crooks prior to becoming super-villains.

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@strider92: One of the reasons I liked the reboot when I wasn't expecting too was they kept it simple, direct, and focused. It feels like they are not going to do that.

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@strider92: I actually think Sable would be cool thinking about it more. I think Sable could work really well into this series if they do go with the Sinister Six for ASM4. Can kill her off there, during like second battle between the team and the hero (so far these movies have had the hero fight the main villain three times) , it would really add a gritty feel like you said. Though it be weird cause then if someone Pete knows dies in ASM2 and if Gwen dies in ASM3, it would make it that Peter cant save anyone close to him.

Oh and so you know its been confirmed the Rhino will become the Rhino in the movie, based on some set photos.

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Though it be weird cause then if someone Pete knows dies in ASM2 and if Gwen dies in ASM3, it would make it that Peter cant save anyone close to him.

Isn't that basically what movies Peter to keep being Spider-man? Yes he can't save everyone but if he isn't Spider-man he can't save anyone!

Wow I heard somewhere Rhino would only have a small appearance. Maybe its like in Ult Spider-manwhen Pete takes out the Rhino robotic suit quite quickly and he becomes a bigger threat later on.

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@strider92: True.

Well based on the set photos (that I posted in my edited post and countless others in The ASM2 speculations thread) he will be stopped as a thug. Then latter on he has a robotic suit. I've been following the movie since the beginning. Have you seen Electro? If so what do you think?

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@ninjablade09: I don't like the suit. they should have just left him with the hoody.

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@strider92: I'm on the fence about it. I think it looks practical. I have a feeling they will take it off, and go all nude blue ult. electro .

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@strider92: I dont know.....if she's not Felicia,i think she might be Betty.....Sable?....dont think so.

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@punyparker: Betty isn't really a villain though and Jones's character is sort of a villain and a hero according to her. So it only leaves Black Cat or Sable.

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@strider92: Me too! lol I have a feeling if they do that they will do what they do in the comics and just make it a flat area. Get a lot of no pants jokes like in Shattered Dimensions. Though the only problem is people might compare him to Dr. Manhattan. :P.

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@strider92: Yeah,heh.....my.....spider-sense....sure....

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It would be great to see Spiderman maybe fighting the sinister six and maybe the wolfpack come in to help and sable gets killed(sacrifices herself).. perfect!

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I hope she's not talking about Norman Osborn. Probably is.

This could turn into a Superior Spider-Man #20 real quick.

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I don't know where he is going with this movie all these twist and turns

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