Favourite Ultimate Spider-Man arcs?

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Ok so Ultimate Spider-Man might just be the volume that started it for me. After I got sucked in and spent a lot of money on all the trades, I started following monthly comics and became more involved in the community. I've been on here for a while now, and seeing as how I'm mostly the only comic book fan I know, I wanted to ask you guys what your favourite issue or story arc of Ultimate Spider-Man is.

For me it would either be the Clone Saga or the Hobgoblin arc. Both took existing storylines and (in the case of the Clone Saga) made them better or (in the case of the Hobgoblin arc) approached them in new and interesting ways. Let me know what you think.

#2 Posted by InfamousFish (378 posts) - - Show Bio

Clone Saga, but I think they might do something bigger with the new Ultimate Spider-Man in the future! :)

#3 Edited by CrimsonCake (2724 posts) - - Show Bio

I think my favorite arc was called "Kings and Cats".

Edit:Wait it minute,it was called "Cats and Kings".

#4 Posted by Superguy0009e (2404 posts) - - Show Bio

The Origin.

It did what the Amazing Spiderman movie is trying to do now, but way better.

Peter is a nerd that gets powers, and after a lot of ups and downs, turns into the Spiderman we all know today.

Earth-1610 Ultimate
#5 Posted by thespidey307 (226 posts) - - Show Bio

The Deadpool arc was pretty epic to me. Oh, and I like the morbuis arc too.

#6 Posted by redsonjustin (23 posts) - - Show Bio

The Death of Spider-Man is my favorite.

#7 Posted by UrbanChill (234 posts) - - Show Bio

probably the clone saga...

and as an additional question is there a ultimate spiderman specific forum or just this spiderman one ? im having a little trouble navigating through the forums to find what i want

#8 Posted by Duke_Nasty (1021 posts) - - Show Bio

@UrbanChill: Theres a Miles Morales one I believe.

#9 Posted by Replicant0658 (95 posts) - - Show Bio

The first Ultimate Venom story arc was awesome as it completely reinvented the character and gave him a waaaaaay better origin than his 616 counterpart!

I also totally dug the 1st Ultimate Spider-man Annual where he goes on a date with Kitty. It was just really cool to see things go right for Peter for once and I totally loved the thought of those two being in a relationship (God that was too short lived!).

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I LOVED the Venom arc and my only complaint was that I wish he kept the black suit longer. I also really dug the first Doc Ock arc and the arcs leading up to the Death of Spider-Man. Heck I even liked the actual Death of Spider-Man arc all except for the part where he actually DIED. I used to love Ultimate Spider-Man but personally I wont be touching the title again until Peter Parker is back where he belongs.

#11 Posted by TDK_1997 (15991 posts) - - Show Bio

The Death of Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin one.

#12 Posted by TERMINATOR1000 (1196 posts) - - Show Bio

@CrimsonCake said:

I think my favorite arc was called "Kings and Cats".

Mine Too.

#13 Posted by Overseer (458 posts) - - Show Bio

I honestly love the "Ultimate Knights" arc.

#14 Posted by Oneshotpodcast (14 posts) - - Show Bio

Clone Saga or Death of Spider-Man, both reduced me to tears!

#15 Posted by Girth (1053 posts) - - Show Bio

Origin, Venom, and Death of Spider-man.

#16 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1809 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely the Venom arc for me.

#17 Posted by kingjoeg (706 posts) - - Show Bio

Venom arc. Need to read them all again really.

#18 Posted by Vermoot (107 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd say the Origin, Venom & Carnage, Clone Saga, I cried at the end of the Hobgoblin arc (Peter standing up in class...), and obviously, the Death of Spider-Man.

It might be one of the best series I have ever read. It was awesome from beginning to end, and honestly, it made me cry a few times. I loved it.

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