Favorite Spider-Man Runs?

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       Mine was, the Second J.M. DeMatteis Run in Spectacular Spider-Man, atleast from issues #241 - 254, #256.    Weaving Peter Parker's world, Peter Parker with Mary Jane, Flash Thomspon with Betty Brant, J Jonah Jameson with Marla Madison-Jameson, Ashley Kafka (always a DeMatteis specialty, along with Ravencroft, while it lasted) with John Jameson, even Liz Allen with Foggy Nelson.  
       Spider-Man's world, further developing characters like Chameleon, his relationship with the Kravinoffs, even succeeding in making even the most "loser" ( Spidey even called them one point or another those times!) quite enjoyable, fun, funny, even sympathetic, such as the Grizzly & Gibbon.   Surprise villains gallore!    
        And, of course, Norman Osborn comes back, buying out half the Bugle, much to the threat of Spider-Man, Peter Parker, and J Jonah Jameson!  
   Spectacular Spider-Man #241-245: Chameleon, plus "Mad Jack", Kangaroo , Grizzly, Gibbon, Spot, "return of", introduction of Kraven ( revealed to be son, Aloysha, issue #250) 
   #246: "Legion of Losers" Grizzly, Gibbon, Kangaroo, Spot 
   #247: vs. "Mad Jack" Jack O' Lantern 
   #248-250: Man-Wolf, Kraven, Calypso, "Citizen Osborn!" Norman Osborn 
   #251-253: "Son of the Hunter", Kraven, Calypso, with Grizzly, Gibbon, White Rabbit 
   #254: Dr. Angst, Sir, Norman Osborn 
   #256: Grizzly, Gibbon, White Rabbit
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My favourite DeMatteis story is still Kraven's Last Hunt. I also loved the recent The Gauntlet run by Waid, Slot, Wells, Stern, Kelly, etc. My favourite run by a single writer is probably JMS's run from the past decade. 

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  JMS (The Other, Happy Birthday, Coming Home, etc). 
Bendis' Ultimate Spiderman
Mark Millar's Marvel Knights
Stan Lee (Amazing Fantasy 15, The Final Capter, The Sinister Six, etc.)
Gerry Cownway (the PUNSHER, The Death of Gwen Stacy, Spiderman vs Hulk, etc)
Roger Stern (Nothing can Stop the Juggernaut, the Hobgoblin, THE BLACK SUIT!) 
Jimmy Ownley (Gang War)
 J.M. De Matteis (Kraven's Last Hunt)
Tod McFarlane (THE GODDAMN VENOM, Cosmic Spidey, etc.)
Mark Bagley - He is an Artist (The clone Saga, Ultimate Spiderman's First artist) 
 "Webheads" (Marc Guggenheim, Dan Slott, Zeb Wells, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly and Fred Van Lente)  run is pretty cool too =)

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As far as visually...Mark Bagley and Steve Skroce had the most visually pleasing Spider-Man runs. Bagley pretty much defined how Spider-Man is drawn today; Skroce...took everything we know about Spider-Man visually and threw it out the window. His Spider-Man is actually poetry in motion; his Peter Parker needed work; but you don't read the book for Peter you read it to see Spider-Man be Amazing 
As far as writing goes...Stan Lee is the gold standard. He defined everything and gave everyone personality... Roger Stern took everything Stan Lee had done and added a little spice to it. Case in point: Hobgoblin... Stern just got it and knew what made Spider-Man, Spider-Man.

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From artists:Mark Bagley,Todd McFarlane
From writers:Stan Lee,J.M. DeMatteis,Roger Stern,Brian Michael Bendis.From "webheads" I prefer Mark Waid,Joe Kelly and Zeb Wells.

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Oh yeah! And Ultimate Spider-Man too. I was thinking just ASM runs when I first replied. 

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@Night Thrasher:
Whoa, Stand Lee is the gold standard. I just finished reading his run and I think it was decent. He definitely created a lot of interesting villians, but he would often overwrite dialouge and made the comic too similar to a daytime soup opera. And he also did not give everyone personality. Most of his characters were either one or two dimensional.
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@JoseDRiveraTCR7 said:
" @Night Thrasher: Whoa, Stand Lee is the gold standard. I just finished reading his run and I think it was decent. He definitely created a lot of interesting villians, but he would often overwrite dialouge and made the comic too similar to a daytime soup opera. And he also did not give everyone personality. Most of his characters were either one or two dimensional. "
a little late on the reply...but it never showed in my inbox....so 
Stan Lee is the gold standard...More than any of his other creations, Spider-Man remains the truest to his original interpretation. Stan made Peter Parker, not Spider-Man, but Peter Parker...He made a character a real person. Peter, his best friend Harry...his cranky boss J. Jonah Jameson, etc. Very little has changed at the core of the characters...Spider-Man and his supporting cast remains true to Stan's original run. A lot has happened, but very little has changed.
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Writing wise, I love the Michael J Straczynski  stuff, the original Stan Lee run ANYTHING BY BENDIS, Joe Kelly, Roger Stern and Todd Mcfarlane. 
From Artists, I love John Romita Jr., Mark Bagley, John Romita Sr. and Todd wasn't too bad either.
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Writers: JMS, Stan Lee. Dan Slott, Joe Kelly etc... Are all my faves. 
Artists: Paulo Siqueira, Steve McNiven, Mark Bagley, Marco Cecchetto, Steve Scroce etc...Are my faves as well. 

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1. Issues by Joe Kelly

2. Dan Slott's run

3. Bendis Ultimate Spider-man

I tried reading the old Stan Lee stuff but the dialogue is too dated and annoying. It really doesn't hold up well. I can understand people putting Stan Lee's run near the top because he created spider-man and most of his villains, but reading those issues now puts me to sleep.

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In no particular order:

JMS- His first arc on Amazing Spider-Man is one of my all-time favorite Spider-Man stories.

David Micheline- Love every Spidey story of his that I've read.

Bendis- I don't think I've ever read an issue of Ultimate Spider-Man I didn't like. Granted, some issues were better than others, but his work on that title is amazing (pun intended).

Stan Lee- Though a bit corny and dated, his issues of Spider-Man are still very entertaining.

Dan Slott- I haven't read his last few arcs (I'll get the trades), but what I have read by him is among the best Spidey stories that I've read. 50 years and Spidey's still going strong.

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it still boggles my mind that so many people like and even rate JMS's run so highly....IMO if it weren't for what JMS did to Spider-man we wouldn't have needed OMD so badly....the Other along with his unmasking in Civil War imo were some of the best examples of "jumping the shark" like they would do anything to try and drum up new readers and it ended up painting the character into a corner where there wasn't much else left to do other than remove those plot points with OMD


my list would be

Ultimate Spider-man: I brought this up to Inferiorego not that long ago but if you read USM from the beginning to the end now knowing that Peter is going to die it turns the book into a much more depressing story...there were so many times throughout the series where people would talk up Peter's future saying how he was going to be the best hero of their time and even Peter talking to MJ so many times about their future and how they're going to get married some day...it almost makes you believe that Bendis had Peter's death planned from the beginning

Slott's run on ASM: I don't really know what to say other than with arcs like Spider-Island and Ends of the Earth I sincerely believe that we're witnessing one of the best Spider-man runs of all time

Grimm Hunt: it really showed just how lethal of a character Peter could be if he were ever to slide to the dark side

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@danhimself: Well, I don't really care for JMS's later work on the title, but I think his first few story arcs are among the best Spidey stories I've read. But to each their own.

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Slott for sure. I think we have more stuff coming in the next couple years to really solidify his run as great.

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Bendis's/Bagley Ultimate Spiderman of cource!

And Mark Millar/Terry Dodson Marvel Knights

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(not in any order)

Kraven's Last Hunt

Spider-Man Reign

Dan Slott's run

Stan Lee's run

Ultimate Spider-Man

Also, even though they're not very focused on Spider-Man (he's mostly a secondary character in them, either as a cameo, or being talked about sometimes), Spider-Man's Tangled Web is fantastic.

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Amazing spiderman everything-700

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