Favorite, most emotional issues of Spiderman.

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I just read Amazing Spider-Man #574 which is the birth of Flash as Venom and it really struck me. It's a great issue about what it means to be Spiderman and I really loved the growth of Flash and the flashbacks and comparisons to Spidey. The only other comic to really hit me like this was Ultimate Comics Spiderman #160 where Ultimate Peter Parker dies. What issues or plots, or characters from Spiderman really get to you and pull at your heart strings?

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There's only one Spider-Man moment that stirred something up, and I'm ashamed to say it's from Bendis :/

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The reunion with MJ made me tear up a bit......ok I sobbed like a little girl.

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I do not remember the exact issue number off the top of my head. But when Peter convinced MJ to finally quit smoking.

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At the end of Spider Island when MJ said I love you to Peter under her breathe but he didn't hear her because he was controlling a couple a million octobots.

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Or when Peter beat the holy Hell out of Kingpin for issuing the hit on May

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lol no one cares about Gwen Stacy.

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The nine eleven issue ASM volume 2 #36

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Spider-Man reign(alternative universe) when he finally seees Mary Jane

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Outside the classics, the recent revival of the Rhino reduced me to weeping. It was incredibly complex and moving, and not something i expected to read given how the character is generally approached. Takes place in Web Of Spider-Man #3, ASM #617, ASM#625, and is part of The Guantlet arc and ties into Grim Hunt. The House Of M Spider-Man issues were also newish books I can think of that were potent. Otherwise historical Spider-Man stories are filled to the brim with emotional tales as a staple of the character, and it would be hard to say where to start and end.

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The issue where Harry Osborn died.

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The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man and all the stories since that have basically ripped it off. There's so many and they're all so sad :(

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@Death Certificate said:

The issue where Harry Osborn died.

I'm going to have to guess that it was the build-up to and including the issue that made Spectacular Spider-Man #200 great, because the art in that issue was just downright hilarious to me, I'm honestly surprised someone hasn't used a lot of the pictures (especially the ones with Harry in them) to make demotivational posters or something.

The most emotional moment for me was the Ultimate Death of Spider-Man Arc/Final Issue, this is much like what I assume the earlier reader's experience with Harry Osborn's Death was like; it wasn't JUST the journey, it was the tragic destination.

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@Baron_BJ: It was the build up but is has been long since I read those comics.

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Gwen Stacy's Death,

There are only two moments in Marvel history that makes me feel pathetically sad. This is one of them. (The other is when Jean tells Scott "Apart of me will always be with you")

They should (or should have) put that scene in the Spider-Man movies, it would have made it epically emotional.

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It's the small emotional bits of Spider-Man that do it for me. I think if they kept Aunt May dead they could have written an emotional arc, but Pete is a Mama's boy and then altered reality and Quaseda Mephisto got rid of Pete and MJ's marriage, but their final words as a couple really got to me.

the Spider Island scene all the way!

Gwen's death didn't impact me much, sadly. it's just she didn't have much depth and is more famous dead than alive. She has a tragic legacy but I'm not invested enough in the character.

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Aunt May's death during the Clone saga and the little speech Peter gave to her whilst she was on her death bed.

Cap and Spidey during Avenging Spider-man #5 was a heart-warming experience.

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Amazing Spider-Man # 31, probably followed by ASM # 500 and this: 
@X35 said:

The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

The reunion with MJ made me tear up a bit......ok I sobbed like a little girl.

Which one are you referring to?

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From the few I have read ASM #655 and don't know if that counts from Ultimate Spider-man that scene in his funeral where Gwen-Stacy and Aunt May talk to that little girl that he saved from a fire when she was a baby. I think it was from Ultimate Fallout although I am not sure because I only read it from scans someone posted here.

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been awhile since i posted but still the easiest for me is issue 200 followed by sins of past. Issue 200 really struck something seeing him lose his powers and still go after the man who killed his uncle. Very great emotional stuff and sins of past because of what happened to him. I swear I think peter parker goes through the worst things as a character.

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Since I love the Silver Age, I'll pick from there.

ASM #32-33 was pretty emotional. It was when Peter's blood transfusion to Aunt May a few issues back started to affect her in a bad way, like radioactive bad. And then he asked the help of Dr. Connors as Spidey to find a cure, but then a very important serum in creating the cure was stolen by Doc Oc, and Spider-man just want into a rampage.

This was the part when Peter was just graduating from high school and Ned Leeds have asked Betty Brant to marry him. I guess it's shown me Spidey in his most human form. Plus he also started blaming himself that his Aunt is about to die and then he remembered Uncle Ben...it was heartbreaking to say the least. Everything was just being poured into his shoulders. It was a very human struggle. Reminded me that there is a Peter Parker inside everybody.

Oh, and it didn't help that 5 issues later, Steve Ditko drew his last issue of Spider-man.

Spidey out!

(P.S. I just want to clarify, I wasn't born yet at the time. Just read the digital copies of the Silver Age. LOL. I just passed my teens, man!)

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His death in ultimate :'/

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Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1 (2007)

Most highly recommended, for those who truly loves and believes in Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's time as husband-wife...

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