Fan Wars: Superior or Amazing

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Comment and vote who's better. DEBATE!

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Amazing no question about it.

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Slott's terrible...

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Amazing is spider-man

Superior is just shock value garabage

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Amazing 100%

Superior is inferior, it was done to get a quick sales spike and it is showing (the sales are continuing to go down). I am interested if the Superior push coming with the new books will give it another temporary increase.

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No one's going to legitimately vote that Superior is a better Spider-man overall. The entire point of Superior is that he's not as great as he thinks he is and he's being set up for a fall.

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I think Slott would argue that.

Of course he would be wrong.

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@spider11211: True, sales are going down, but they're not plummeting. Not to mention the fact that ALL the Marvel Now books had huge initial sales that are steadily dwindling.

@8008s: I think...I think I love you.

I'm a huge fan of Superior Spider-man. I love me some Amazing, but I've seen that. I've been there and back and watching writers play hit or miss with Peter Parker has been a love-hate relationship for me over the past twenty years. AND this is from a guy who really got into the book during all that Traveler nonsense back in the diggity.

I don't think either is better or worse. They're not even remotely the same unless you're purely looking at the surface. Granted, Dr. Spiderpus isn't for everybody, and that's fine. Do what I did around the time Stracyznki's run started going off the rails and don't buy the book.

But I can't be the only person in the world enjoying Otto straddling that line between hero and villain and not always coming up good. Plus, if Dr. Spiderpus does eventually boost Spider-man's threat level from ambivalently received vigilante to actual menace, I can't wait to see how Peter has to redeem Spider-man in the public's eyes.

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Hmmm.... 700 issues of Amazing versus 13 issues of Superior.... hmmm.....

I think ima go with Amazing.

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