Evil Spider-Man

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How many continuities Spider-Man was a straight up bad guy? I mean, I saw Superman turn evil several times, Batman a couple of times, the worst I've seen Captain America getting to a bad guy was in the Ultimate Universe (where he was just a jerkass). I am curious because I looked up some old spoof Turkish movie called Dev Adam (Three Might Man) where Captain America and some luchador dude fight a evil Spider-Man with huge eyebrows and the ability to create copies of himself (!). See for yourself;

Aparently, they thought Spidey was the Hannibal Lecter of the Marvel Universe.

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In Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 there is a Spider-Man who takes other Spider-Men from parallel universes and absorbs their power. It got to the point where he could defeat Thanos and walk away from a fight with Galactus.

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This guy

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@CaioTrubat: I am proud of my country

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