Death Threats to Dan Slott and Superior Spider-man

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Seriously? You guys hate asm 700 so much you would send death threats? Sure Dan is now the most hated man on the planet but death threats are way too far.

I admit that I wanted to beat the living crap out slott for what he did to my child hero and there is no doubt that you guys want to as well. Ever since ssm came out I will on longer read ANYTHING related to spider-man since it's Doc Ock and not the TRUE spider-man.

Also those threats will hit the roof sky high if Slott makes Spock sleep with mary jane since it's seen as rape. I'm not much of Peter/Mary Jane fan but that is just wrong on so many levels. And if Slott says that he is a spider-man fan don't believe him because a spider-man fan would NEVER do something this stupid and horrible.

And what steve wacker said about peter parker fan will eventually fade is the single most stupidest and ridiculous thing he ever said. Tell me your thoughts guys.

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@DaemonTheDemon: You're a little behind the time. The police were notified those losers will be dealt with.

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Making threats is dumb. If they want Peter Parker back sooner stop buying the comic.

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Making threats is dumb. If they want Peter Parker back sooner stop buying the comic.

THIS, and this goes for anything people don't like, and want to complain about. Don't like the direction that a comicis going, then stop buying it. Complain complain complain, and you still buy the next issue... WHAT?


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And here I thought he got off slott free.

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You're late. been done before.

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