Dan slott ruined supirioer spiderman

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Gee, thanks for the spoiler block.

Flagged. I hope they ban you.

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@Funkypanda123: I hope Dan Slott finds you and beats you with an issue of Spiderman 700!

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@Funkypanda123: Spoiler etiquette is very important.  This issue hasn't been released yet and it's a HUGE deal, so you need to use spoiler blocks.  I've edited your post, but PLEASE do so in the future.
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i dont know how to!

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@Funkypanda123: In the chat box you should see a red circle with an exclamation mark.  Regardless, that's really no excuse for posting such a huge spoiler a day before its release. Even without that knowledge, you could still type warnings like:  
Your rant 

Anyway, there's already a thread discussing the leak.  Please take your thoughts there and be sure to use spoiler warnings. 

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