Curt Connor's 'Friend' (kinda loosely got a spoiler)

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Firstly, sorry for the horrible username and picture, i just connected through facebook and it was automatically given to me.

Secondly, I know the person I am referring to is NOT Curt Connor's friend, hence the inverted apostrophes.

Anyway, a very popular topic about the new Amazing Spider-Man reboot at the moment is definitely at the very end, in regards to who visits Curt Connor's. Many suggestions, from Mysterio to Norman Osborne have been yelled out, but there is one suggestion that seems to be very much overlooked. This is just an idea, but what if it is Morbius, the Living Vampire? Firstly, let me remind you that he debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #101, making it very possible for him to be in the movie. It would also explain how the individual entered and departed from the asylum cell without the guards noticing. I am not saying it is him, just putting it out there. Thoughts?

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The "character" is credited as "Man in the Shadows" and played by Michael Massee... that being said, there are a good number of possibilities, as to who it could be. If you want to go by the general archetype, the Man in the Shadows, is usually the mastermind behind some long and convoluted scheme. When it comes to this specific character, we see that he's got a raspy voice, he hides in the shadows (hence the name) and he knows, at least to some degree a few secrets about the Parker family and the work that Richard and Connors did together... he also seems to appear and disappear between lightning flashes, which would suggest a more paranormal undertone, rather than anything else. There is also the dialogue that occurs between the two where Connors is asked if he "[told] the boy the truth about his father" and "we’ll let him be for now." which would indicate someone who knows "the truth" about Richard and Mary's death (speculation ensues) and that he speaks either for or as a part of a group or organisation of people who are willing to kill people. So here's a shortlist of who it could be and the pro's and con's of why it is and isn't them:

Norman Osborn: Let's face it, he's gotta be the top pick for this... he's already been alluded to in the movie and during the introduction to Oscorp, there is a speech about him and it shows a darkened-blacked-out face... it also seems to fit the character, as the employer of both Richard Parker and Curt Connors, he would have knowledge of what they were working on... even needing it to cure him of some kind of terminal illness that is killing him. It's also suggested that he is responsible for the death of Richard Parker, so it's highly likely that he would a) kill Peter Parker and b) know this mysterious "truth" - and as the owner/CEO of Oscorp and a member of the rich and powerful club, he has underlings, servants, thugs and goons who will do whatever he tells them to... suggesting a more collective "we" than anything else. One of the major problems with this, of course is that Norman is supposed to be dying, so that suggests that he would be in some kind of weakened state, rather than looking how the Man in the Shadows did... there's also the appearing at random, could he really do that if he was dying... plus I'm really not that sure if that's his style... maybe he would have sent an underling or something, but arguments could be made either way.

Mysterio: ok, the appearing and disappearing between lightning flashes could suggest that it's him, so could the fact that he's not been in the other movies (but was in the Spider-Man 2 game) This does coincide with the way that Mysterio works... but there isn't really any build-up... there's nothing that would click in the minds of comic fans to say "holy [moly] that's Mysterio" nor does he seem like the mastermind type... at least to me, he was more of the elaborate method, as opposed to the elaborate payoff... again, that's only really how I see him.

That's honestly all that comes to mind right now... maybe after doing some research, I'll find someone who fits in better, but quite frankly the only character that really screams anything is Norman Osborn... and most of the Rogues are either high tech-ed thugs or mad scientists that turn into some kind of genetic hybrid... or an alien symbiote.

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It could be Richard Parker himself! Or Kingpin. Hell, maybe Mephisto or Tombstone.

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I still stand by the fact that I do not necessarily think it is Morbius, I have more evidence it could be him. In the video game epilogue, Dr. Morbius is forced to create the Rhino, and Dr Connors even mentions Morbius, and how other scientists ridiculed him for believing that bats were the answer to curing himself. However, I do believe that there are so many other GREAT ideas, and I just love how this movie has created this new topic that is quite popular among Marvel fans :)

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I think its funny that you think of a Spider-Man Villain that can appear and disappear between Lightning flashes and your first thought is Morbius.  The Key Word is Lightning. As in...Electricity...Maybe that gives you another idea 

But in all seriousness it's probably Norman Osborn...or someone working for Norman Osborn

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It is revealed in a recent interview that the man in the shadow is not Norman Osborn.

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the first thing that came to my mind was Mephisto, but it didn't make that much sense in terms of the great scheme, but sure as hell would explain how he got in and out like that

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@x_29: If that's the case then my money is on Electro or Mysterio. Probably not electro but I would like that.

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Since it seemed that he appeared and disappeared in unison with the lightning strikes I gotta think that it's Electro.

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why does nobody consider that it could be the vulture

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^I was JUST about to say this!

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I thought it was Morbius because he disappeared in freakin' lightning...

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It's the rat that Connors mutated.

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The lightning does seem indictive of Electro, but c'mon... is Max Dillon really the evil mastermind pulling-all-the-strings kind of guy? Hardly.

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Its the lizard

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I think it was either the Lizard or Mysterio.

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Either Mysterio or Electro IMO, I'm really getting a vibe that suggests a Sinister Six storyline.

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It was already confirmed it's not Norman. The rest is up for speculation.

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@k4tzm4n said:

It was already confirmed it's not Norman. The rest is up for speculation.

everybody lies...

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it's the man with 3 first names!

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this ring a bell


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Going out on a limb here and suggesting it's Miles Warren. Sorry, I know this is an old thread. Blame google.

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