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Bit of a fanboygasm, but it's been a long, LONG time since there's been a Spidey Universe this enjoyable.

All the titles seem to have really pinned down the characters voice and are generating wonderful series specific momentum. It doesn't hurt that Slott and Yost are killing it every month (IMO).

I know there's some obvious surface damage--like all the main characters having a dark background and dealing with their inner demons, etc etc--but I'm even digging Dr. Spiderpus more than I thought I would.

Between the books and their creative teams, I feel it's pretty hard to miss if you pick any of the Spideyverse books off the shelf.

Agree/disagree? Any and all thoughts welcome.

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I pretty much agree. I am enjoying it because I know peter will be back and I want to see how, and how his life changes after this event. If i thought it was permanent I would hate it.

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I think its the boldest move from the big 2 in a long time. But of course everyone hates it. I think its amazing. Top of my pull list for sure.

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Everyone are reading it to see how Pete will be back...thats the main purpose,the purpose of storytelling....if Slott came out and said "thats the mainstream Spider-Man,from now-on,Pete is dead,period" i want to believe people would stop buying it....

And yes,Yost is killing it every month with his Spider-books...

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The irony is that every Spider-man book that isn't Superior, is actually good.

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i'd be able to enjoy it a bit more if he maybe slowed things down a bit and explained more of the situations like fall-outs of the massacre thing or this new love interest he seems to be bridging together. i mean he seems to be rushing from page to page and spending most of his expositions saying how peter was too much of a loon to be spider-man. than making terrible choices that we knew that peter would definitely do differently. also that he seems to be breaking all the characters that we loved in favor of new characters that he had barely given any decent time in developing. i mean i maybe a hater to the superior series but come on if your going to make things like this don't skip around things. go piece by piece until we can understand their motives and placements. its like how little kuriboh describes x-men origins wolverine we get a nice view and than were side tracked by some completely irrelevant event. and for a note i liked grim hunt and a good few of slotts other stories. back to what i was saying before though for an example lets go with screwball. i had no clue why she was a villain until superior. would it have been nice to learn this tidbit of information before hand or maybe a little deeper in her story even if it was only for a two page spread, explain something. i mean it kinda seems like slott is making a foundation for the empire state building out of twigs and sticky tape. i mean since marvel likes money i doubt they would have to much problem going by monthly if it were to tell a compelling story that would probably win more people over to the Spock franchise. sorry if this seems like a rant.

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