Could Peter Parker still be Superior Spider-man?

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I'm aware Slott said that the new Spider-man WON'T be Peter Parker but I seriously doubt that. It doesn't make any sense. We all know that what happens in 700 will fundamentally destroy Peter and may (once again) have him give up being the Webhead. Once they announced Superior Spider-man of being "darker" I knew that my prediction of Peter being a more serious Spider-man than before (most likely from the events of 700) was coming to pass...until I heard the "not Peter" thing. Not only is this a bad idea for fans already into the book, but for newcomers as well. The whole point of Marvel NOW is to engage readers already with the comics and newcomers to like the same book. This is obviously thanks to the new movies. So wouldn't it make sense to keep Peter as Spider-man for newcomers so they won't be confused, and for the already fans who hate a Spidey other than Parker?

I dunno, maybe I'm just lying to myself to just believe Peter's still Spider-man or maybe I might actually end up being right. Its just a wrong move in every angle you look at it. Also Dan Slott has commented saying he's read Spider-man since he was 8, why would a writer who's a huge fan of Spider-man make someone else Spider-man in his/her run on the comic. Slott seems perfectly chill about all this, in fact, he's laughed at some of the hate he's been getting. Maybe what he means by Peter not being Spider-man is instead of Peter giving up Spidey this time around, its actually the other way around. The events of 700 have shown Peter that he will never have a normal life, therefore, he gives up being Parker and is Spider-man 24/7. Only using Peter Parker as his way to hide in society, sorta like Batman. That would actually make me laugh like, "Phew! That was close one haha! Okay Slott, you got us man; you got us GOOD!!!"

What do you guys think? Is Slott twisting words around just to get more attention on the book? Is Pete still Spidey? Am I the only one thinking this? Or is Peter bye bye?

P.S. Slott said that Peter might still have a huge role in Superior (what bigger role than Spidey himself? Lol), and Slott has said the guy behind the mask "has serious Spider-man pedigree". I guess people will have to keep guessing till 700 comes out. :/

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I'm hoping that it's still Peter, and that Slott is just trying to add suspense and lead everyone on, but the more rational side of me knows that Slott probably wouldn't pull a move like that.

Looking at that picture...I'm curious, what is that from? Is that some teaser image for 'Superior Spider-Man'? I've been a little out of the loop, and I haven't looked up much about Superior. I can't help but notice those 'claws' he has.

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@ChaosAgent: Its either a variant for the Superior Spider-man Issue 1 or the cover of Issue 2. I used it cuz its my favorite cover so far.

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Spider-Man 2099 immediately came to mind when I saw the claws.

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@nyx: I'm just worried those claws are needed for him to wall crawl. If their weapons, that'd be pretty cool, but what kind of "Superior" Spider-man needs claws to wall crawl? Crossing my fingers for SO many things to go right with this.

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This theory has come up a lot. Notably by Strider92. He's/She's had some really good theories on why its possible.

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I mean if they make 'im a murdered scumbag(by darker) and with great power comes NO responsibillity.....i honestly wont pick an issue

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I was gonna say maybe it's Hobie Brown, cause he climbed walls with claws like those when he was the Prowler, and Peter has even had Hobie impersonate him before to keep people from discovering his secret, but the issue with that is Hobie is African American, and in one of the teasers, whoever the Superior Spider-Man was is white.

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@SpideyFan113: I saw a solicit where he was using the claws to climb. Didn't O'Hara use his claws to climb?

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I wonder... did Warren Miles ever tried to mix Peter's DNA with his own ? Because these claws are screamin "Jackal" to me...

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I'm petty sure the claws are'nt artificial and a new spider-power as in Ramos's variant for issue 1 the are clearly coming out of his fingers like sabretooth

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Look at the feet maybe alpha clone.

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My hope is a transformed Peter Parker

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I think maybe Peter "dies" (or he fakes it) on #700 and so he carries a life as just Spider-Man or develops a new identity but stills being him.........

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Would anyone keep reading if it wasn't Parker?

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@edictzero said:

Would anyone keep reading if it wasn't Parker?

Personally...i dont know.....issue #1 for sure,but the rest,if it isnt Pete.....i really dont know...

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peters the man

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