Civil War or Brand New Day?

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I'm planning on starting to read Amazing Spider-Man, and with nearly 600 issues, finding some where to start is giving me trouble.

Despite what some people may think of BND, is it a good place to start? Or should i go back to Civil War and Back in Black?

I know BND is a restart of sorts for the series, but does it carry on any further arcs, characters or plots that may cause me to get lost easily?

Overall it does seem like BND is a good place to start but from what I've already read of spidey's civil war arc, it looks to good to miss. Especially since I'm a New Avengers fan, and they both take off around the same time.

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You got to be kidding me... CW FTW

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G'bandit said:
"You got to be kidding me... CW FTW

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If you're going to read BND just start there. It retcons the important things that happened to Spidey in CW anyway. It's a pretty crap though, TBH.

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Not for me.  I was kinda getting tired of the unmasked Spidey.  BND is good.

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You can start at BND and be fine. Around the Civil War and leading up to BND, Spider-Man was crap. BND is amazing.

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Brand New Day is mediocre at best. Hopefully the Dark Reign tie ins will be good

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Lawson said:

Despite the how the poll looks I think i'm leaning towards BND, less to read but would save me some money...

but but but...

That's retconned in BND right?

Yes and no. The event happened, but nobody remembers who he was when he revealed himself.

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