Can he survive a shotgun?

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So I was reading the last issue of the mini-series Punisher: Warzone (which was awesome) and during the final fight Punisher shoots Spiderman point blank range in the chest with a shotgun. Later it was discovered that the pellets were rubber because Punisher didn't want to kill him. So could this actually kill him?

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From that range? Ol' good Pete would be blast in pieces.

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#4 Posted by SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 (6936 posts) - - Show Bio

No of course not. He's survived explosions, Gobby's most lethal weapons and getting crushed. A shotgun blast would hardly even hurt him.

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I don't know....

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@DarkKnightDetective: I'm here!!!!!!

It would depend on where it hit. For example Pete has healed gunshots and broken bones over night and recovered from blindness in only a few minutes. As long as the gun didn't completely destroy an organ like his heart then he would probably be instantly KO'd but would most likely recover from it in a day or so. If however it destroyed his heart, brain or anything that is absolutely crucial to him not dying then he would die.

So to answer the question he could survive it depending on where the pieces of shot hit and the severity of the damage.

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He would die if the bullet goes or touches his heart but if it doesn't reach an organ then he wouldn't die.

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not sur i could say any differen't from others but

He probably can depending on where it hit him

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: In the issue Spiderman did state that it hurt like hell and he was out of the fight for most of it afterwards.

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@MrShway88: I don't think it was a regular shotgun.

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Spider-Man has thick skin.A shotgun wouldn't blow him but it would still hurt and he can survive it.

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@MrShway88: He has been shot in the shoulder and foot from a distance from what i know, and it looked like it hurt alot. He was woozy and walking crooked.

What makes you think a shotgun point blank would do nothing?

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Deadpool blew off Spiderman's head with a handgun. I'm afraid a shotgun would do worse.

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@Bogey said:

Deadpool blew off Spiderman's head with a handgun. I'm afraid a shotgun would do worse.

That was PIS

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