Best villian ever done in a SpiderMan video game

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Share your thoughts on the best done villian in a Spiderman Video-Game 

And if you want mention the villian that never gotten to be done well in a Spidey video-game..!

I favourite villian in a Spiderman video game is...

Dock Ock (Spiderman 2 PS2

The dodges were cinemaatic, and (for its days) he was pretty tough... 

 As for the non-good done villian,i would say Green Goblin...

He was done only in Spiderman 1(movie game) and it was purely stuff......since then i havent seen a good version of the character in a video-game.....he is (imo) the biggest Spidey foe, and a MUST for the upcoming games!

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I have to say Kraven the hunter,His boss battle on shattered dimensions was extremely intense.

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electro in spider-man 2 on the PS1

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Venom from the Spiderman PS1 game. It took me hours to finally beat him

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How about the villian never done good in a Spiderman game? ;)

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Mysterio in one of the play station spider-mans. Don't remember which one but it was the one where you teamed up with Eddie Brock and there were a lot of other symbiotes running around. It was also the best spider-man game ever.

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@PunyParker said:

How about the villian never done good in a Spiderman game? ;)


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@CrimsonCake: Yeah, very right!  
Green Goblin,Chameleon as far! ;)
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@r3d_rob1n said:

Venom from the Spiderman PS1 game. It took me hours to finally beat him

Right? it used to be hard as hell

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Venom was great in the PS1 game. Great voice, great look, intense fights, and I love how he and Pete end up teaming up.

Oh, not to mention he asked for Captain America's autograph. That was great.

Green Goblin I'd have to say I wish would be done better. Or Norman Osborn I should say.

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I was going to say Carnage in Shattered Dimensions, but the more I think about it, EVERY villain in that game was awesome. Deadpool, Electro, Green Goblin, Kraven, Hammerhead, they really nailed these characters in that game!

The way they hyped up Anti-Venom in Edge of Time was pretty cool too, and Rhino in Ultiate Spider-man was INSANE!!!

Villain not done justice in a game? I'd probably say The Lizard. Yeah he was in The Amazing Spider-man game recently, but it felt more like they just threw him in there because he was in the movie. =/

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Green Goblin,Chameleon and Lizard so far! (not done good)

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I liked Venom, Carnage, Mysterio and Electro from the PS1 games.

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Team Carnage, well except Demogoblin and Carrion, they were annoying ( Maximum Carnage)

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Black Cat in Web of Shadows. No contest. Perfect voice and supremely sexilicious.

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Allistair Smythe and his robots in The Amazing Spider-man. Quite honestly the most epic boss battles in a Spider-man game.

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