Best Runs/Issues to Collect?

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Howdy Folks,

Just wondering if anyone could offer some good Spidey runs/issues to collect. I have all the current issues from the past 2-3 years, so am looking for older than that.

Also, I've collected a bunch of random runs from the '90s (mostly Clone Saga stuff). What I was wondering if there were any titular runs/issues that I should add to my collection, something like Kraven's Last Hunt (which is on my list to pick up).

Anything with a really good cover would be interesting as well for the selection I hang on my wall.

Also, I wouldn't mind looking for some other decent runs/issues of Batman, I have very few issues there (The Dark Knight Returns run and some of the Knight Quest/Fall/Whatever).


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Ultimate Spidey, Torment, Kraven's last hunt, obviously the first 100 with Stan/Jack and Steve.

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The Gauntlet and The Grim Hunt are well worth a read

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