Best recent/current Spider-man series?

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I've read the first four volumes of Ultimate Spider-man, but most of the rest isn't available at my chapters/indigo. They have the other recent ones though, which is the best? Scarlet Spider seems to be a favourite from what I have read. Which is better: Scarlet Spider, Ultimate comics Spider-man (Miles Morales), The Amazing Spider-man, etc.?

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Superior (If you're ok with the idea)

Scarlet Spider

Venom are all excellent

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J. Michael Straczynski's run was pretty good.

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My favorite right now is Venom, since we're finally getting a really good anti-hero story with the character for once. But as far as quality goes, I honestly think that has to go to Avenging Spider-man/Superior Spider-man Team Up. Yost is kind of a boss.

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Scarlet & ultimate are the best

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Scarlet Spider in my opinion is the best thing coming out of the Spider-House.

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Anything with Superior in the title because it's the only comics that everyone LOVES to talk about right now! :D

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Scarlet = best.

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Scarlet Spider (just catching up on it now). Yost is a great writer and it shows in this book.

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I really like Ultimate (Miles). Haven't read Scarlet or Venom yet.

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Scarlet is killing it right now. Scarlet takes my mind away from Pete being dead b/c its so good.

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Scarlet is killing it right now. Scarlet takes my mind away from Pete being dead b/c its so good.

Well said, it keeps your mind off of a stinking pile of inferiority.

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Scarlet Spider by far.

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Not a lot of people our reading ultimate spiderman which is why its likely to get canceled so read all the miles stuff when it finishes and it will be completely worth it. Its one of the best series out now.

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Kaine and Miles.

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Current? Ultimate Spider-Man is my favourite with Scarlet Spider right beside it. I don't mind Superior either.

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