Best alternative Spider-Man graphic novels??

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I love the Web-head and have read many grate runs on the character etc J. Michael Straczynski

But need some new material and not just the traditional stuff, any thoughts?

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@guttridgeb: cheers

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@FiguredOut95: Would definitely recommend Spider Man: Reign. It's a pretty divisive book and people either love it or hate it (i love it) but it's definitely a different take on Spidey.

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@feebadger: Thanks

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Spider-man: Reign.

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Spiderman Noir

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Spider-man loves mary jane

Marvel adventures

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Spider Man: Reign. Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man (before miles) House Of M: Spider-Man was also good :)

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Amazing Spider-man 648 - 700 and Superior Spider-man 1 - present by Dan Slott

Spider-men 1 - 5 by Brian Michael Bendis

Ultimate Spider-man 1 - present by Brian Michael Bendis

Scarlet Spider 1 - present by Chris Yost

Venom 1 - 22 by Rick Remender

@FiguredOut95: That will catch you up on all the present spider-man stories. I would recommend Dan Slott's run or Rick Remenders Venom out of all of those.

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Spider-Man Blue was rather enjoyable.

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Spider-Man Blue was rather enjoyable.

This, also as kingjoek said Spider-Men 1-5 was fantastic!

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Spider-Man Blue,Spider-Men and MJ Loves Spider-Man are really great!

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Noir spider men the gauntlet and grim hunt

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