Avenging Spider-man

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This looks like the classic Marvel Team ups I used to buy that featured Spider-man and another hero each issue. Has anyone one read these? Are they good, would you recommend?

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I like it, specially after the first 3 issues. Since 4 it's been pretty solid. Last weeks issue with She-Hulk was the poorest since the first three. That said it was a comical issue and I don't read comics to laugh (except Goon.) That and I would never actively read anything She-Hulk, but I did and dug it.

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@RoboShark: I kinda like both kinds of comics and I do love a comic that makes me laugh. Is each issue pretty much a self contained story? Does it take place in the 616 mainstream?

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Yes, since 3 each issue has been a one and done in the 616 mainstream.

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I've like all of them! Cap. Hawkeye, and She-Hulk are favorites of mine so it was pretty awesome to see them woking with Spider-Man. Personally She-Hulk's issue was my favorite the two just mesh so well.

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Series looks awesome definatly gonna grab it!

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Its a really fun series. The only issue that was bad was the Hawkeye one. The first 3 issue arc, and the Daredevil/Punisher run were really good. Im really excited for issue 8 with Dr Strange! Also issue #9 is suppose to be an epilogue to Ends of the Earth,

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The hawkeye one was my favorite.

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Unfortunately, here in my country, it's a bit hard to find every issue of a series. They usually leave some issues behind. I know it sucks but i can live with it. So, what i'm trying to say is that the only Avenging issue i managed to find Avenging Spider-man #7! It was a really fun issue, i enjoyed it. Kathryn Immonen does a good job writing spider-man and Stuart's art is one of my favorites. So yeah, it was a satisfying issue for me! I'll try to get the others that i missed! :)

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I love this series as I get to see different artists take on Spidey. So far for me Joe Mad has done the best run from an Artistic POV.

The thing about this series is getting to see Spidey interacting with other heroes and getting shoot that wise cracking mouth of his off.

However, the pinnacle of the series so far and maybe even one of my favourite issues this year is Avenging Spider-Man #5 getting to see Peter interact with one of his idols and how they both explore a past interest of theirs. Coming to realise its ok to be a little Geeky, in fact they embrace it.

Expertly written issue and I look forward to more!

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