any answers for my idea called Jump - Man as his New Enemy ?

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Cause I'm thinking about creating a New Villain called Jump Man and He's a New Enemy for Spider - Man .

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Joking answer: Put him in overalls with a big mustache.

In all seriousness: Sure, he could be interesting. You could give him powers similar to Bellamy, from One Piece. In case you're unfamiliar: He can jump, and then bounce off something else, constantly accelerating as long as he continues to land on his feet and rebound. Make him fast enough, and he could be a real challenge for Spidey.

Spidey often fights people just as strong if not stronger than himself, he rarely fights people just as fast and agile as himself, which is how he beats others in strength. Against this 'Jump-man', he'd face an altogether different kind of threat. Though I'd have to recommend a different name. Perhaps 'Rebound'? Or 'Launch'? 'Takeoff'? 'Velocity'?

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Hm , Okay , I'll think about it .

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