Amazing spiderman-Missing scenes?

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So yesterday I finally got to see sony's spiderman reboot, and personally, I thought it was awesome! Though when I left the theater I felt something was amiss but couldn't quite put my finger on it, I pushed it aside as I'd loved the movie but now I think I know what it was; certain scenes were missing! It felt awkward when Peter arrived in Gwen's flat claiming "your doorman is intimidating" when I remembered an official clip showing a scene between Peter and said doorman. There was also no confrontation as shown in the trailer were Connors tells Peter "do you really think what happened to you was an accident?" again, this was no where to be found. Now I know scenes get cut all the time, but to have a lot of publicity then to be cut out so awkwardly just feels weird.. did anyone else have the same feeling? I was just wondering.

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Its not that unusual for some things in the trailer to be cut from the final film

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Most of the time, scenes are cut out because they are redundant or because of time constraints... the problem with that is that sometimes there are scenes that are fairly important because they show something between characters or they are part of the build-up to something else.

It can be even more annoying if the movie is cut down so much that it's really not that long... but most of the time, they have a good reason to cut certain scenes

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I said the same thing but not shocked some scenes where deleted the movie was still good and chances are they'll show up in a directors cut like Spider-man 2.1

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i noticed it too, but I said, eh if they were cutting scenes might as well be the ones we already saw in the trailers

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